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Vin Diesel Says The Last Witch Hunter 2 Is Already In Development

The first film hasn’t even come out yet, but The Last Witch hunter 2 is apparently happening.

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  1. only 3 stars on metflix i dont think it will he around for to much longer i think if they dont make the sec one ten times better than the first than good bye franchise bet that and all they need is more fighting we got to know the people now let us see him face off against mor witchs smh thats the only thing that sucked about the first movie he only faced off againsy tw bad guys twice failed to kill the queen the first time killed her in the ending faced off against the worst bad witch guy lost than beat him with easy the sec time smh both lame final battles its like they changed the direction towards the end or ran out of timing making the movie shorter than it should have been witch is the biggest let down in all movies nobody has a problem sitting threw long movies they get more for what the paid for look at aviator great great movie best movie of the year greatest new movie ever made and how long was it over 3 hours long and people loved it why because yoy can fit in character building action facing off against the bad guy all in the right timing

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