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Poltergeist | Trailer #1 | Official HD Trailer | 2015

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Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi (“Spiderman,” “Evil Dead”, “The Grudge”) and director Gil Kenan (“Monster House”) contemporise the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. When the terrifying apparitions escalate their attacks and hold the youngest daughter captive, the family must come together to rescue her before she disappears forever.

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  1. So I just came here from watching the 1982 trailer and I seen in the comment that they enjoyed knowing the trailer didn’t give so much away so it makes you want to watch the movie to find out what happens. This 2015 trailer? Basically gave away the whole movie 😂

  2. Say what you want, but fck, this is a real masterpiece! The cast, the story, the place, the visual effects, everything is just perfect. The little girl with her freckles and mesmerezing blue eyes is beautiful. I want part 2, 3, 4 and 100 with these actors. 10/100!

  3. I think the original is the best poor Robbie nearly got strangled on set for real with that clown doll this film Isn't right I reckon there will be alot more curses & deaths this should be left Alone.

  4. I like this version of Poltergeist much better than the original version! This one is much better, scarier and not so childish as the original version!

  5. It was plain awful. The original had a couple of very stupid moments (like when they're showing the paranormal investigators the room and that toy horse and cowboy flies by) but overall it was great and stirred emotions. I watched this movie family lose their child and I felt nothing for them, because it was so poorly done. Also showed too much of the "ghost world" and all the creepy skeletal things both looked lame and killed the mystery.

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