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If This Is Real!?!!? Best Evidence Ever. (Tim Morozov)

We get back to it with Tim Morozov, on an investigation that might show the best ever evidence caught on tape. Real or just real good entertainment.
Go check out his channel show some love.

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  1. Its all fake my friend, havent you noticed that every time Tim visited a house or specific site he always successfully made contact with the evil and poltergeist that always trying to harm him everytime…is that merely coincidence or a very well scripted? or maybe a very lucky guy indeed because he always made contact with the evil and poltergeists to produced a very well documented videos that help him with his youtube views..very consistent hahaha.

  2. It is fun entertainment for when/if you're alone around 03:00! The witching hour… Might freak ya out a bit or not!? Probably 80 to 90% is BS, but he does put a lot of effort into his work! I'll gladly give him that. Occasionally when the whole 'cabin' starts to shake, it's probably hooked up to a car/snowmobile outside. But he does spend an incredible amount of time to film and then edit his video clips, what does he do for a living, I wonder? Cash from people and companies that know many are following his every move, or maybe inheritance?! But you cannot take away from him that he does risk bodily harm in old shaks/huts that are barely holding together!! I wish you a lot of luck Mr.Morotov in any future plans…👍👍👏

  3. I read online he has to put that statement into his videos due to guidelines by Russia. Every Russian I’ve watched has the same comment on their videos.

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