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Haunted Histories – 69 Unbelievable True Paranormal Encounters

Haunted Histories: 69 Unbelievable True Paranormal Encounters
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DISCLAIMER: I own the license for all software and have commercial use rights for everything used in my videos. All stories within this video are provided with explicit permission from their respective authors. Thank you to all who participated in today’s video!

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  1. Hi, I love your show. In fact Im not even all the way through the stories. I was wondering…this is a long shot, but is there anyway you could put me in touch with the person who had problems with his mattress shaking? I would really appreciate it. I have been struggling with the very same issue for awhile now. I knew there had to be someone somewhere that had a similar experience. I tried everywhere. Last night I just picked your 69 stories randomly just to listen….when this story came up, I cried, I laughed, it was as if fate had sent me to this story. This is very important to me. Iam terrified and dread going to sleep everynight for fear of what I know will happen. Im very tired…I need it to stop. Please, can you help me?

  2. What is with the inconsistency in mic quality? It’s really annoying. I can’t listen to your videos fully once the mic starts playing up so I just switch off from your video.

  3. Yes ,thank you, I have been waiting for this since 5pm ,and it is 12 :13 am. lol, I need to hear your stories to relax. Thank you, Mr. M. 👽👻☠️💀🇨🇦

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