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Everything Wrong With Poltergeist (1982)

In honor of the 100% unnecessary remake, we go looking for sins (and fun) in the original Poltergeist.

Jeremy’s book, now out:

Thursday: sins of a sad entry in a sad franchise.

Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie’s sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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  1. I really liked this movie when it came and I've seen 4 or 5 times since. But I never noticed any of the things you pointed out! 🤔😂 I still like this movie though and I enjoyed your video too! 🖖👍

  2. 107: Or… and listen closely because I know critical thinking is hard for you… the DOG moved the dog from the backseat to the front seat. Because dogs.
    108: Jeremy yells at the screen cliche.

    (to clarify: This is a joke as I'm a fan of both CS and THE Birdman. They both make great content)

  3. how about they built a whole town over the graves of people and never unearthed one body .. and nobody must have a basement or a sewer system .. .. you would think they would of dug up one body when they started digging the swimming pool

  4. Only real issue with this movie is that you would have E.T. levels of media camping outside the house, gov't agents would be crawling all over the place. It would be international news.

  5. wow I loved the way you analysed these things…I also thought the demon portal reminded me of a vagina, glad I'm not the only one – I do love this film but the plot is quite incomprehensible when you actually connect up the scenes and the dots – so much of it doesn't make any sense

  6. @why it doesn't affect the other houses
    They're all empty. Nobody else lives in the neighborhood except this family who work for the developers. We don't know that it's not affecting the other houses.

  7. There's foreshadowing that also explains why now and why this house: The construction workers disturb the pet bird's grave by digging the box up when they start working on the pool.

    I'd also remove one sin for every family member and ghost hunter because of the one thing horror movies of recent decades did not copy from Poltergeist: The family member actually like and care for each other and the ghost hunters while of questionable efficiency don't try to scam the family. And one sin removal for a horror movie dead who does not cheat, isn't too busy with work to listen or care about his wife and kids, doesn't constantly belittle his wife, doesn't prefer his son over his daughters, isn't absent after a divorce, and who genuinely worries about his daughter and wants to save her.

  8. Storytime: When I was younger, I watched this movie with my mom and my two younger brothers. I was already aware of how scary it was and was still not prepared for the entire climatic ending. Not only did I not sleep for three days, I also barricaded my closet and held on to my bedframe whenever I slept for a week after. 10/10 movie concept, but would never watch it again

  9. Was the thanks Dana because of her nightshirt being in the air when the tornado hit? Because her mom had a great thanks scene later on that as a teenage boy i enjoyed immensely 😂

  10. The best part about a ghost or demon that you never see is that it means the director can just do whatever they, "what's that the boom mic is on screen? Oh well, it's the ghost/demon's fault"

  11. To me the biggest sin of this movie was the very first shot of Dana at the start of the movie. If you look carefully as she wakes up from hearing Carol Anne downstairs, there is an very obvious artificial leg across her bed. How and why that ended up there is mystery to me.

  12. I always thought that they were the only ones being affected because of the pool they were digging. They actually foreshadow this by showing the bird's grave being dug up while working on the pool.

  13. This is one of those movies where if you watch for the first time today it isn't scary whatsoever and some scenes are even going to be unintentionally hilarious. Was great to see just how damn influential this film has been, though. It felt like I had already seen half the scenes in other movies.

  14. I love how he makes three or four references to the Freeling house being built on an Indian burial ground, based on one scene where a character explicitly says that it wasn't. There are at least sixty other mistakes in this so-called "commentary," but that was the most irritating because it is entirely predicated on the creator's inability to understand simple dialogue.

  15. The reason for the two cutscenes in the beginning between the kitchen and the neighbor's house is because of Pizza Hut. When Diane says we'll go to Pizza Hut, later on in the scene Steven says he hates Pizza Hut. Because of the whole product placement crap, they pulled it and edited to a really horrible degree

  16. Can we just appreciate the nuance in Craig T Nelson’s performance because it’s very clear how much it hurts Steven to have to scold and scare his young daughter.

  17. LONG before she was the "POLTERGEIST mom", JoBeth Williams co-starred on a syndicated half hour children's show called Jabberwocky. The show was made up of Puppets, brief cartoon interstitials, musical numbers, and life lessons taught by the adults to the kids on the show. Does anyone remember that show? I do.

  18. As a person who was around in the 70s and early 80s and had a hard time sleeping at night I can vouch for the station going off the air at around 2 AM.
    Here in Boston our only 24 hour station was our ABC affiliate. They ran old movies hosted by a shadowy figure wearing a floppy hillbilly hat named George Fennell.
    He ran Charlie Chan movies every Tuesday and Horror every Thursday.

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