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15 Scary Ghost Videos That Will Leave You Afraid Of The Dark

15 Scary Ghost Videos That Will Leave You Afraid Of The Dark

This original work of horror promises to keep you looking over your shoulder.

Inspired by r/nosleep, these scary videos will scare you in a way you’ll be begging for more.

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  1. I know there's no way these will leave me afraid of the dark any more than these are videos of ghosts. Let's get started!
    15: These people are at work on a busy day… having lunch, and don't seem to be worried about any business going on about them. In fact, they can't even bother to acknowledge the drawer when it slides open. I have a cabinet drawer that opens buy itself but that's because it's balanced wrong… much like a drawer would slide open if it wasn't leveled correctly. 14: I think this guy has seen way too many "figure on the side of the road" videos and decided to try his hand at it. 13: LMAO!! 12: "Dude that sounded like some haunted ass shit dude." Yep! Sounded like a animal in the woods. Oh, sorry haunted animal in the haunted "undisclosed" woods. And look! Here's a figure made popular by a movie! 11: LMAO!!! 10: This building is "obviously haunted" because no abandoned and delapidated building would make strange sounds whatsoever on it's own (Insert eyeroll here). 9: At least he realizes that the sounds were likely animals, and I'm willing to assume the "glowing eyes" were likely an animal as well. I question his estimation on its height though. 8: Twin Paranormal is not worthy of attention and do not deserve to be called paranormal investigators or even ghost hunters. 7: Definitely a performance. 6: OMG! It's a reflection!! 5: Nothing here that can't be faked. And I'm always suspicious of teams that claim to get activity the moment they walk in, and when there are dolls involved. 4: Nothing out of the ordinary here. 3: LMAO!! 2: So, an actual person runs past the camera and "paranormal investigators" just decide it's the ghost of a bride who died on the roads. It's amazing how many brides died at the side of the road. 1: I'm not sure you're narrating the right video. I don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking at!
    Still no ghost videos!

  2. Ryan and Colin? I don't know which one's which but does he think he's "Stiles" with that hair cut? He's only making a "Mochrie" of it. They keep tryin to talk to the ghosts but I think they're confused on "Whose Line Is It Anyway"

  3. Jesus did cabin dude really need to frickin scream and freak out like that? I mean, I wouldn't have handled it very well either but I certainly wouldn't scream like a b!tch

  4. I think they should’ve shown us tracks in the snow from the Dogman! I’m sure a 7ft creature would’ve left some sort of trace or markings in the snow and on the ground!

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