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10 of the Freakiest Alleged Poltergeists Caught on Video

Uh oh, ghost footage; get ready for some horrible quality cameras. From plates being thrown off tables, to shopping carts pushing themselves, here are 10 of the freakiest and most intriguing alleged poltergeists caught on video that I could find.

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  1. #5: This is a scene from a low budget movie! I watched a debunking show a couple years ago, and they showed this exact scene from the movie!

  2. I've seen shit like this, quite a lot as well as other mysterious coincidences I can't explain. I know what I see, but no-one seems willing to believe me, putting it down to "my imagination!" My mum believes in God with blind faith, but I'm the one who is stupid when I see with my own 2 eyes in front of my face, I've even been visited by a dark entity when I was only 10 back in the late 90's!

  3. The very first clip was a spider hanging off it's silk and waving around. I see the same images on my security cameras. As soon as night time comes little tiny baby spiders drop down and dangle in front of the camera which looks like an apparition. Dust particles do the same thing.

  4. The office one is having the time of its life it made me smile beacuse it's amazing that they can move things like and the kitchen one made me laugh coz it's like having a tantrum 😅 but seriously guys if it is real we shouldn't be scared beacuse we should be open to tell those one they are amazing beacuse that really is ! To me its like let me tell my energy freind to telekinesis shit around 😅

  5. When I lived with my mom, there were a couple of things that happened that were the closest to being paranormal:
    1) I was at home alone, with our two dogs, sitting in the kitchen, eating breakfast (both dogs were sitting by me, watching me eat 😂) when I heard something fall over in the bathroom (the bathroom was connected to the kitchen). Can’t remember if it was a soap dispenser or a little knickknack, but it was setting on the floor, which was no where near the edge, it was originally sitting all the way back in the corner of the sink mirror and wall.
    2) I was upstairs, in my room, which had it’s own bathroom. Across from my room were the stairs that led to the downstairs. Anyways, I had the bedroom door open, and I was rounding the corner to go into the bathroom, and happened to be looking over at the bedroom door as I was walking. The second the door is out of sight, I hear a long, and fast scratch on the bedroom door. I instantly turn my head back around the corner and instantly run out and check to see if anyone else was upstairs, trying to scare me. I didn’t see anyone, and I never heard anyone running downstairs, so I run back downstairs, and find out that everyone was either in the kitchen, or in the backyard (which is nowhere near the stairs). I start to ask everyone if they had just been upstairs, but they all just gave me weird looks and said “No”. All of this took about 5-10 seconds.

  6. I remember when I was about 12, I ran to the toilet to take a piss, ran back to my room and got in bed. I had a set of drawers about 5 feet tall where I kept my sunglasses, toothbrush l, combs etc, all of a sudden my sunglasses shot across the room and shattered when they hit the wall. The window was also shut. Most terrifying experience of my life.

  7. The 1 with the costume shop worker is staged, if you hear a sound you turn your head to look all around & you don't take off running just because something fell, not like thst anyway.

  8. I had an experience with something like this once. Back in 2003 or 2004, it was the evening and I was sitting in my chair playing a video game (Silent Hill 3) in my room after school. I had a small table next to my chair that I would put food and drinks on and I took a gulp out of an aluminum can of Coca Cola then put it on the table. A few seconds later, that can started sliding slowly and steadily on its own across the table and toward the edge. I had to grab it to keep it from going over the side and spilling/staining the rug. At the time, I convinced myself that the liquid inside must've been sloshing around causing the can to move but looking back, I don't think that would have been possible, especially considering how steady the movement of the can was. I don't know what happened and I still remember it clearly all these years later. I was spooked and none of my friends or family believed me.

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