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We Investigated Missouri State Penitentiary • Ghost Files Debrief

Let’s answer some q’s!

Season 2 release schedule:

08/25 – Episode #201
09/01 – Debrief #201
09/08 – Episode #202
09/15 – Debrief #202
09/22- Episode #203
09/29 – Debrief #203
10/06 – Episode #204
10/13 – Debrief #204
10/20 – Episode #205
10/27 – Debrief #205
11/03 – Episode #206
11/10 – Debrief #206

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  1. You can literally see the tail of the cat. And there are tons of birds in there! Cat sneak in, cat eat bird, cat lurk and creep. Dogs don't move like that, but cats totally do. Score 1 for Shane.

  2. am i the only one who thinks that ryan was joking around with those ghost dog's eyes lol just to debate with shane. anyways even if he actully belives so let it be. ghost hunting show is just A SHOW its an entertainmen. i would love people to focus on shadow figure evidence tho its more interesting

  3. When I watched this episode I had to pause from laughing so hard because of how obvious it is that that's a cat, it's so funny how stubborn ryan is about this. I believe in ghosts too lmao, that's just so obviously an animal 😭😭😭

  4. Is this all we’re getting this week, or is there another upload to follow? I don’t think 15mins of debrief is enough to hold me over 😰😰😰

  5. I have to admit, having an animal in the building kind of throws all the other evidence of sounds out the window.
    If that was a racoon they have little hands that are capable of lots of mischief.

  6. Man Ryan was really determined about that being the ghost dog when it was probably just a raccoon or cat, unless he can get evidence that 'ghost dog' was a smaller dog. But who knows maybe instead of pulling out the Dobermans, Rottweilers, Blood Hounds or German Shepherds they sent out the beagles and chihuahuas. Just a thought. It's stupid but it's a thought.

  7. i've replayed the "shadow figure" clip in the vid several times and paused it at points where you can clearly see a separation between the "head" and "body" it only looks whole in certain frames due to the shaking of the camera.

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