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Severe Paranormal Activity From Portal | Residential Haunting

API conducts another unique paranormal investigation, just north of Pittsburgh PA, at a residential client’s home. Her name is Kelli. The paranormal activity she is claiming is severe and all preventative measures have failed for her. Shadow figures, poltergeist activity, and certain walls vibrating, have led to her to believe there is a portal in her home. We are here to find answers for her…


Thank you to TESMEN for providing the EMF RADIATION DETECTOR!

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Are you in the Pittsburgh area and experiencing a haunt? We are actively looking for new investigation locations. Please send us an email!!

Also looking for a full time Medium to join the team. Please let us know if you are active and in the Pittsburgh area.

Epidemic Sound

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  1. Thank you for watching!! Do you think there is a portal here? And if you know anything about portals, let us know in the comments here! We would like to know more!!

  2. Please stop using the SLS, it’s demonstrably useless for paranormal investigation. That said, I like your investigation style, much more credible than the typical YT fakery.

  3. Ok gonna try to be constructive with this… I’d invest if you don’t have it a device that reads the emf numbers and show viewers readings of the room.. that way if a room had a reading of 0 then we could better believe in a room full of devices and plugs that an emf spike is possibly paranormal because honestly we can say it’s anything in that bedroom causing the small spikes… I watch several others that do this and show the numbers on camera.. gives more validation for emf and let the recorder play longer.. the tiny clips you do don’t give enough time if a spirit is building energy

  4. I think the spirits are there…but i think they are avoiding communicating deliberately…cause they don;t want to disclose who they are…and they don't want to get blocked from the property..

  5. You guys have to understand that you can go to a place once and get nothing and go back the next day with things getting thrown at you… just keep that in mind and might have to make another trip there….

  6. For the amount of reported activity in that house, except for your devices going off I seen zero evidence of anything paranormal…
    Not taking away from you guys cause that’s how most real investigations go and also you guys didn’t claim positively that you captured paranormal and you are right about row housing…the wall vibrations could be from someone else’s washer/dryer/dishwasher…trust me…lol

  7. I’m curious to see what could be in the attic space above her bedroom and closet to see if a/c or heat ducts are up there possibly leaking air causing the draft felt from the closet or even the vibration. **Alternatively could be evidence of someone doing “conjuring” up in attic space.

  8. Hi guys great video again your both so calm and respectful enjoy your media a lot as for the portal I think it’s still unconfirmed but hopefully the lady gets some peace in her home

  9. That house was giving me bad vibes. I am a empath and can sense stuff and the energy in that house was ya dark. Think of it as athe whole house was filled with this dark mist. thats what i was feeling. but that bedroom, ya it legit looked like a geyser of that dark mist was from there.

    Edit: Idk if it was a demon or what that i was sensing but there was something bad there

  10. Hey guys, just suggesting. There are 220 plugs in the basement for the dryer, maybe the other appliances? Those really emit electro fields. I may be totally wrong. Just suggesting. Love your YT ☺️

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