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Paranormal Point of Interest: Great Valley House

Walkthrough of the historic Great Valley House, including strange markings on a 325 year old mantel and a small investigation of an unusual tomb encased in a stone wall on the side of the property.

Paranormal publishing and video production is what we do. Welcome to our haunted world!

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  1. John Wilson (J.W.) owned the house during the revolutionary war. His land was sub-divided with the land just west of the house going to his son David. In 1876, the date on the tombstone shaped rock, the house was owned by Peter Hartman while the Wilson family still owned the land just west. The owner of the Wilson property on the west in 1876 was also named John Wilson. The stone structure the 'tombstone' is embedded in was built for carriages so the ladies could enter the carriage from an elevated platform without climbing up. I have no certain idea what the carvings mean but maybe the Hartman's neighbor, John Wilson, built the carriage platform and just signed his work, it would be an odd place for a tomb. The Wilson family lived on the land to the west across Swedesford Rd. until 1997 When Martha Wilson died.

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