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Twin Paranormal are lost in one of the most haunted places in Las Vegas the valley of fire. They encounter the spirits trapped there and try to find answers to murder mysteries that have never been solved what they find is truly terrifying and the evidence they captured is some of the best on the channel…






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About: Twin Paranormal face anything scary from demons to skin walkers and go to the most haunted and terrifying places, bringing you along for the ride. Places like The Conjuring House, the Devils Maze, Skinwalker cave, Waverly Hills, Skinwalker valley, the Haunted Hill House and more!

All evidence of paranormal activity that we capture on camera of demons, skin walkers, ghosts during our ghost hunts and paranormal investigations is real and some of the scariest videos on YouTube. The haunted locations we go to overnight are always terrifying and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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  1. 6 x bleeps in the first 2 minutes, again! 🤬
    I went over my watch history and it says that I've been watching this channel for 3 years., I haven't missed an episode.
    I'm almost 44 years old, I swear in every sentence I say. Im not offended by the "F" word, I'm offended by the censorship of this word and every other word the gawddaym algorithm deems as offensive.
    Is there anyway we can watch these videos without the tinnitus inducing censorship? Please, pretty please! 🙏

  2. Hi guys im from SA i looooove you guys so much i don't miss a video… i only subscribed today due to some phone problems…. but you guys fantastic❤

  3. Valley Of Fire is awesome… Mouse's Tank trail has tons of indigenous drawings on the rocks… most are family holding hands and goats… but 95% in and you will find spirals and a skinwalker carving with horns… it's bigger than the other people carved near it…
    Excellent investigation 👏 👍 as always…

  4. In my mind's eye I could see so many people from different time periods surrounding you from start to finish. They were all trying to communicate at once. Some didn't even realize they were dead which is why some seemed confused that you couldn't see or hear them. They were desperate from an endless journey through the desert. This was the first time anyone had acknowledged them or tried to communicate with them. They just want to get back home and be with their loved ones. Just imagine how you would feel being stuck in the desert for eternity. If you weren't aware that you had died – would you go towards a bright light in the desert? I wouldn't be surprised if one of these desperate souls followed you home.🖤🖤🖤

  5. Hi guys , I've only been watching you all for a couple of months and I luv you guys , luv how so polite you are to spirits and the faces that wyatt makes so funny, hope you hey to go back there that placecso creepy , at 104.55 saw glowing eyes up in the hills ,Thanyou for all you do 😊

  6. I really hope you guys are strapped. Can’t imagine going to these places and running into dangerous people or even dangerous animals in the middle of nowhere or abandoned places

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