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My dark life in the music industry, using millions to bleach my skin to finding God | Kush Tracey

If there is one thing Kush Tracey regrets is the years she spent in the music scene.
Immorality, exploitation, drugs, and random men.
But one thing stands out, she is deep and that is why she was able to turn her life around most importantly by God’s Grace.

On today’s episode of LNS, she walks us through her dark days, redemption, lessons and a special apology to all the women she exploited

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  1. Lynn ngugi, I APOLOGIZE. Just noted all this while I've been watching your clips and had not subscribed!! I have hit that subscribe button na nguvu sana, it shoot my entire apartment….

  2. I love her confession. I also love how young people are finding the light. The day i found my purpose was the day i found God. Life is worth living, i see life in a really different perspective. Thankful to God.

  3. Much love from Zimbabwe, ohhh Lyn God bless you you are indeed changing lives and you are going global. And girl your nails are 🔥🔥 fire…… To Tracy yoohh may the Lord continue using you, you have seen the light. Thank God

  4. Kush is so wise and eloquent! She was born for such a time as this……I Bless the Lord for rescuing you from the hands of the hands of the devil, may God contunie using you for His Glory.

  5. Thank you for sharing this .l have learnt a lot surely the holyspirit speaks to us but sometimes we tend to ignore .May the holy spirit continue to work within you .❤❤

  6. When God transforms you, He truly transforms you.
    She looks nothing like what she used to be.
    Couldn't even recognise her!

  7. Am so happy to see young generation becoming the light of the world not ashamed of the gospel. Amazing interview Lynn especial for our young generation. Jesus is the only way ❤❤❤

  8. 1:11 niliambiwa niondoke mahali nilikuwa and I procrastinated and even turned down a job. Nilitolewa by fire and force! 😂 usicheze! When the spirit says move, hebu move!😅😅😊😊

  9. I am Soo Soo Soo inspired by this Gal! Ooh goodness! You are sooo deep it sounds like you have known God for decades! You are going far Gal!❤❤❤ Love love love Choosing God will never disappoint! Wait for it

  10. God bless you Kush, You have reminded me of who am called to be.Not to comform to the standards of this World.But to glorify the name of the lord,all days of my life.

  11. The going/lifting up part , Sarah jakes says; "fame is cheap to get, but in the kingdom we want that which is excellent, loving, forgiveness, being kind, this is hard"

  12. Dearest Lynn, I have just subscribed to your Channel. You are doing a good job! Please allow me introduce myself – I am a grandmother who hardly ever subscribe to channels, unless the Holy Spirit moves me to. To God be the glory! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

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