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England's Most Famous Witch Hunter | Witches: A Century Of Murder | Absolute History

In this drama-documentary series, Dr. Suzannah Lipscomb goes in search of the origins of the deadly craze of witch hunts and trials that infected the British Isles 400 years ago. Through original documents and powerful drama, Suzannah uncovers the fears that drove the persecutors to such lengths and what it was like for the innocent victims tortured and executed for crimes they didn’t commit.

James I’s son, Charles, pretty much ended the hunting and execution of witches. But then the Civil War engulfed England, and Charles lost control.

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  1. Ridding devil's agents, masked as ugly Misogyny to the weaker fairer sex. Some other women happy to assist by Flattery of 'selection' & prob. favour. Tragic criminal. Devils.

  2. Fanatic imbeciles. What did they expect from torturing a person for days and not stopping it until they confess? And they call atheists the immoral ones. May they burn in hell.

  3. Many midwives were falsely accused of witchcraft. Kramer and Strenger said that midwives were the greatest enemy to the Church because they were helping women to avoid the punishment that God had handed down to women because of Eve's sin by administering herbal pain relief during labour. Much of the knowlegde about menternal and child health was lost and burried by the Church. Their double-standards were sickening: the rich and powerful were permitted to use medicine herbs but the poor and down-trodden were not. Paracelus was one of the most famous doctors of the Middle Ages and credited much of his knowledge to the midwives.

  4. “Life was nasty, brutish and short.”

    This is a word for word direct quote from Tom Waits song “Come on up to the House” on his album Mule Variations.

  5. Matthew Hopkins legacy does live on in the writings of fantasy. He is the inspiration of Robert E Howard's character Solomon Kane and in the Warhammer Fantasy and 40K characters of Witch Hunter.

  6. The ONLY witches were the ones abusing elderly women & men! Abuse and torture, forcing innocent people to confess. Elizabeth lived to be 80 years old and that's a feat in itself back then 😞 all that was happening was SOCIAL CLEANSING & greed. I hope Matthew Hopkins is burning in hell, if there is one.


  7. Why no one pointed out the fact that Matthew Hobkins has a mole on his neck and John Stern has a spot on his forehead? Those are sure signs that they were warlocks!

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