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🔴 EXTREMELY HAUNTED Farm Something EVIL (Shocking Paranormal) Paranormal Nightmare TV S17E1

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  1. Great episode guys, writing the questions is a great idea. I just wanted to mention something I noticed in the kitchen at approx 23.17 mins in, there was a light being reflected from one of the glass cupboard doors and there didn't seem to be anyone downstairs at the time and it was caught on the locked off camera but seemed to be moving. I noticed it again some time after that. Could have been a reflection of something outside or something paranormal but to be honest it looked to me like there was someone in there?

  2. When Josh asked on the white board what their name was they said Pain. If you truly believe in demons then that was an answer. It really seemed like there was multiple entities in the house. One of which was Mark who came to help his daughter after he passed away. But it seemed like he was struggling to communicate and I think that is why some of the loud bangs were happening. It was amazing that Shaun got warned not to go towards the door right before it opened.

  3. Ok that white board so smart because I always thought those apps had like ai listening and doing words close to what u say but that white board was amazing

  4. This episode is 🔥. It's blew my mind. You can feel the anger and despair in the house, almost like it can speak for itself. I know that just calm the waters for a bit. But it was not over yet. It's a battle filed in that's house.

  5. @21:45, watch to the left where the exercise equipment is standing,, right at 21:48 when he says "let's move about the house" a shadow moves, its only head and some shoulders, you might have to rewind several times but it's not any of the brothers shadow and it's clearly darker too

  6. This video was really amazing. If there's anyone I would totally put my trust in it's Josh, Rocky & Shaun. These guys are truly something special. Esp because rhey have experienced a haunting their ability to face spirits is jaw droppingly impressive. Love these guys.

  7. I’ve never heard a spirit make so many loud noises and heavy walking. Great catch on the door! That’s awesome. I was excited for you. Stay safe you guys!❤️🥰🌹😇

  8. Nana sounds like a real doozy pushing someone. I wonder if Colette has looked back in the history of her place in regards to who died there. Cool catch of the door, that was freaking awesome =D

  9. Wow, it's been a while since you had só much activity all at once!! Só much walking, knocks and creepy sounds, but the icing on the cake was most definitely that door opening by itself!! That's the exact moment that I will turn on my heels and book into a hotel for the evening.. I don't know how you handle all these cases, but I do know that só many families are grateful for what you're doing. You handle every case with só much compassion and respect, irrespective of the people's financial and social standing. That takes a special kind of wonderful and you three are exactly that. Thank you for your caring and loving hearts and a huge thank you to your families, who has só much patience and understanding. Much love and support, as always 🤍🪽

  10. @paranormalnightmaretv
    Hi guys, i have a question: have you guys ever done an investigation of your childhood home? I know you guys have only briefly mentioned of having terrible experiences growing up there.

  11. Collette, is your home lighter now? I pray that you are doing better, and you continue to speak the light and Love of God in your home and Heart. Put the White Ring of Power around you and your home multiple times a day. I Pray for your peace in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen

  12. Much activity in this big house!I'l continue to pray for her!I belive Mark to traying to help,but you gusy are the best of the best in paranormal!❤❤❤

  13. Hello gusy!Great house,crepy,dark but my favorite team in paranormal are the number one in ghost hunters!Keep save gusy and god blesses you!❤❤❤

  14. 24:14 Shaun closed door all the way.
    24:54 sounded like the door handle unlatched.
    25:08 did Josh bump that chair or did it move on its own???
    26:12 the door is ajar
    31:03 "door" males voice in between Josh saying "ru… run out there"
    36:18 cough?
    40:25 and 40:46 best part of the investigation evidence imo!
    42:05 the Crack in the door widens about halfway between the handle and the top of the door, right before the door pops open.
    52:00 whispering right before the change in audio and the loud bang
    52:15 was that Shaun? Or a growl?
    53:38 I feel like the Spirit was saying the family is disrespectful and that's why they're tormenting the family. Like the answer to Shaun's question was, the family is disrespectful. Not that Shaun was being disrespectful.

  15. Idk man, that door didn't seem like it was latched all the way. I would love to know how old this house is because vibrations can travel extremely easily through building materials, which can do things like open partially latched doors. For example, in my own home, I have a door with a warped frame that allows it to open even when you've seemingly closed it. Construction irregularities happen literally all the time in family homes, and this home is probably no exception.

    I'm gonna be totally honest, it sounds like this woman has depression. She keeps talking about negative energy and bad vibes, and guess what energy and vibes are…? Feelings. She's talking about her feelings and about how she feels bad. That doesn't necessarily amount to anything paranormal, but it appears that she's externalizing her depression and associating it with bumps in the night and snake pits in front of her house (which, like, copperheads are extremely common in the South). She was also, at one point, blaming it on aliens, which doesn't really make much sense to me. I feel for her but she needs to seek out professional therapeutic help. Hopefully she has done so.

  16. The evidence you guys have is pretty amazing! You guys are so thorough in making sure the evidence wasn't something from human occurrence…its amazing to see you guys do what you do! ❤

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