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Welcome to MORDHEIM! Introduction to Witch Hunter Warbands in Mordheim Old World Warhammer!

In this video I am going to go through the process of making my Witch Hunter Warband for Mordheim!

Mordheim is a game that takes place in the world of Warhammer Fantasy which is a grim perilous world of adventure!

If you want to check out some more wargaming terrain tutorials for D&D, Warhammer or Mordheim then have a look at my library of tutorial videos! And remember to always have fun! 👍💙💛💙

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▬ Chapters ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
0:00 Witch Hunter Warband Lore
1:56 Another Flagellant to the cause
2:08 Talking Head Intro
2:41 Where to get minis?
3:21 Assembling and Painting
6:45 Buying a Witch Hunter Warband for Mordheim
8:15 Final Thoughts and Glamor shots

#Wargaming #Terrain #Mordheim

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  1. Hey good people! As you might have noticed, I am starting a series of videos where I go through some of the warbands available in Mordheim! This is something I am doing to get more miniatures painted and to mix it up a bit! Please feel free to tell me what YOU thought of the video in the comments down below! Stay safe and lots of love to you all! 👍💙💛💙

  2. I am just getting into Mordheim with my local lgs and have been loving your videos! Thanks so much for the help and info! Are you planning to do more factions/warbands in the future?

  3. When you did your warband, did you do wysiwyg?
    Because the combo of boxes is awesome, but you can't really do 3 Witch Hunters with Crossbows for example

  4. You should do more videos about the other war bands for the game, the expansion to the game, RPG elements to the game, the video game of Mordheim.

  5. I really appreciate the composition of the warband, and your willingness to mix up the miniatures. Those Hexbane Hunters have been on my wish list for a while. From the hobby perspective, what is your preferred plastic glue please?

  6. I typically go with the flə-jĕl′ənt – putting the 'juh' sound to the second, discernable syllable, with a pause between syllables. A tighter pronunciation produces a word that sounds too much like flatulent, which is a completely different sort of abuse.

  7. what all factions can you play? i have read the rule book and see whats in there and desiced to look a battle report and a guy was playing norsca.

  8. Excellent warband! I am not a fan of "Withc Hunters" with van Hellsing hats as I know the Witch hunter models for original Mordheim, on purpose did not have those.. Not sure why but i think they wanted more of an improvised mob. Think like the Gaston dudes in Beauty and the Beast, Disney – than an organized bunch.. But i am guessing there. i do know they chose not to have that – so that is my image and, a bit silly, it bugs me seeing them in Mordhei. Even if they are nice models.. 😉
    But who cares, right..

    Your warband is fantastic.

  9. I really like this introduction! If you get around to using some of those Archipelago crewmen to form a pirate themed warband, I'd be very interested how you build them and which faction you choose to represent them as well… 😊

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