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The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish)

Sam and Colby take Karl Jacobs and Foolish Gamers away from MrBeast and send them ghost hunting in America’s most haunted city: Savannah, Georgia. Did demon spirits at Moon River Brewing Company and the Sorrel-Weed House make it the most terrifying USA city?

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Editor: Sam and Colby
Asst Editor: Charles Liu
Producer: Zach Bell

Friends in Video:
Karl: @Karl
Noah: @FoolishGamers

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Mike’s YT: @truthinevidencetv4598

Location #1 Moon River:

Location #2: Sorrel-Weed House:

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The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish) | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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  1. Honestly, I might get hate for this but no offense to Karl and foolish they are really funny and I’m sure great people to be around, but I feel like they kinda fucked up everything. In a supernatural setting you really can’t mock the spirits or fuck around or else you aren’t gonna get the answers you want. I’m also a medium, and I could tell the medium in this video was getting frustrated with them just fucking around and not taking this seriously.

  2. im a strong believer but sometimes i like to think "what if the rem pod goes off when fairy flies hit off it (smaller then a full stop) and they think a ghost touched it" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. It’s a shame the footage keeps cutting out when Yeye starts talking about what she’s seeing or experiencing. I love when you guys have mediums and psychics weighing in

  4. If anyone wants any additional info about this place a podcast I'm listening to "And That's Why We Drink" covered the Moonriver Brewing company in ep 141 "Alligator neck looping and a casual last minute seance" and they explain the history and the paranormal aspects of it.

  5. I would still absolutely love it if they came to Indiana and did an investigation at fox hollow farm (the ghost adventures crew did an investigation there and I myself had an experience there

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