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One of our SCARIEST videos yet…..Horrifying encounter!

170-Year-Old Property turns into one of our SCARIEST videos yet
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Nestled in a forgotten corner of the countryside, stands a house with a history stretching over 170 years. Recently, amid remodeling efforts, workers have encountered unsettling phenomena: a woman’s voice echoing through the halls, objects moving of their own accord, and an aura so chilling that some refuse to return.

Driven by these rumors, Colton and I embark on a daring journey to spend a night within these ancient walls, aiming to capture the unexplained activities reported. Join us as we navigate through the shadowed rooms and creaking corridors of this eerie abode.

Experience the heart-stopping moments as we confront the unknown. Hear the whispers of the past as we use cutting-edge technology to communicate with the spirits. Watch in suspense as objects seem to move mysteriously, and listen closely for the voice of the woman said to haunt this home.

With every hour we spend in the house, the paranormal encounters intensify, revealing the dark secrets and stories that this old house guards. From the shocking responses on our EVP recorder to the sudden cold drafts that pass without warning, witness the terrifying evidence we’ve captured on camera.

This is not just a ghost hunt; it’s a confrontation with the past, a journey through the unexplained, and an encounter with the supernatural. The evidence we’ve gathered is some of the most compelling and frightening ever seen on MindSeedTV.

Whether skeptic or believer, prepare to be confronted with the unexplainable. This investigation is a deep dive into the world of the paranormal, where the lines between the living and the dead blur. The events of this night are more than just tales; they’re a chilling reality that we’ve captured on tape.

Join us in this gripping paranormal investigation as we seek to understand the mysteries that have left so many unsettled. The haunting experiences and the real ghost encounters we’ve documented will challenge your perception of the world beyond.

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  1. This was DEFINITELY in my Top 3 of episodes from you guys!
    It’s at my #1!!!! I feel like the lady figure had a thought that you guys couldn’t see it! ALSO every name that the obvilous was what got me in the beginning! I don’t remember a episode where it said several names all at once 👀

  2. I cannot fathom being in that situation- coming up basement stairs in the pitch black and seeing an old lady in a white dress slam the door on you.. I can only imagine how you would have reacted if you saw it through the viewfinder while it happened.. Merry Christmas 🎄👻

  3. Out of all the years of watching paranormal videos. This one is in my top, highest ranked video, i think ive ever seen. I literally kept putting my hand over my mouth because i knew what was coming, even up to the very end. That woman spoke to you through the Ouija, then lured you into that cellar, helpless with no light. I think i would take a long look at things in life if i was there. This video didnt sit with me well and like ive said ive seen plenty of paranormal. This lady, made the video where the woman came out of the water while you were on the dock, a joke. Damn guys hit home on this one. Christ almighty.

  4. I love how real u guys are. I would’ve left after that lady shut the door too. Sending positive energy your way. I know this takes a toll. We appreciate the risk you guys take for us. I am so grateful I got to meet Casey last year.. very cool guy.

  5. Hi I didn't get the notification that you guys dropped a video but i can't wait, love you both and Merry Christmas 🎅 don't party to hard lol xxxxxxxxx

  6. I feel that using a spirit board is a bad idea they are known to bring bad things into an area infact the have caused hauntings just from the board it opens a door that lets bad things in plus the bible clearly states not to us them coz they are bad bad bad

  7. the way the ouja board movements happened, i kinda froze watching…ive never seen it do that before in any documentary or investigation, lesson is this, if it wants communicate it will for sure and it will do it violently…. freaking having goosebumps typing this comment…

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