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Investigating Our Best Friend's Haunted House

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Sam and Colby investigate CelinaSpookyboo’s haunted house with KallMeKris. This was a terrifying night of rituals, ghosts, and the cabin in the woods.

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Editor: Sam and Colby, Charles Liu
Asst Editor: Jamison Forkenbrock, Nathaly Idrovo
Producer: Zach Bell

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Friends in Video:
Kris: @kallmekris
Celina: @celina

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Instagram: @SamandColby
Twitter: @SamandColby
Snapchat: @samgolbach & @colbybrock

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About: Sam and Colby create haunted, exploration videos on this channel. Some series include Stanley Hotel, Hell Week, The Queen Mary, and most recently, The Conjuring Series. Subscribe to explore, travel, go ghost hunting, and watch some scary content!

Investigating Our Best Friend’s Haunted House | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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  1. Hey Sam and Colby, congrats on 11 mil. I want you to know that I always have believed everything that you’ve done even if footage is deleted, I trust that you guys wouldn’t lie to us. I love and appreciate everything you do and post. Maybe one day I can meet you in person. Love yall and make sure you take some breaks from this we don’t need you getting hurt or worse… anyways love yall

  2. my grandma passed away the morning this video was posted, and it got me to laugh when I couldn't stop crying. now i play it whenever i'm feeling extremely down.

  3. I do not claim negative energy from this video or spirits to come around me or follow me or my loved ones from watching this video, thank you for listening to our side of the story and sharing yours.

  4. That story about Taylor's doppelganger is similar to a NoSleep story I've read and the title is Peeky Lynn or something. Basically, this guy's wife is just regularly peeking at him from all possible corners of the house with blown eyes and really big, giddy, grin on her face. Some readers said that it was a mimic.

  5. You guys should go to australia! There are asylums, prisons and so much more in australia that you should visit plus the spiders are SO much bigger than anywhere else you’ve been which makes it scarier!

  6. I do not allow any negative energy or spirits to come around me and to follow me or my loved ones throughout watching this. Thank you for listening our side of the stories. I’m sincerely sorry if I made any glances I shouldn’t have done and may have everyone give you the upmost respect.

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