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10 SCARY GHOST Videos Leaving Viewers Horrified

10 SCARY GHOST Videos Leaving Viewers Horrified – Scary ghosts, ghosts caught on camera, poltergeist, paranormal activity, Japanese ghost videos, scary TikTok ghost videos, paranormal investigations and ghost hunting are in this list of scary videos. And they are definitely some of the scariest videos on the internet.

In this episode of 10 scary ghost videos, you will see: 10 scary ghost videos leaving viewers horrified! These include; Scary video footage caught on a CCTV camera shows a demon-like ghostly figure haunting a family home. An Arabic ghost hunter visits an abandoned haunted house and has a scary encounter with a djinn. Creepy ring doorbell camera footage shows a ghostly apparition wandering outside, but is it a real ghost? A shadow figure is caught on Livestream hiding in the streamer’s bedroom. Japanese ghost hunter encounters several ghosts on a haunted mountain. A mysterious white apparition is caught on video appearing on camera, and viewers believe it’s a real haunting. Ghosts, demons, mythological creatures and scary moments are in today’s episode plus many more scary videos! These are 10 SCARY GHOST Videos Leaving Viewers Horrified



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00:04 – 10 SCARY GHOST Videos Leaving Viewers Horrified
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MINDJUNKIE brings you the best ghost videos, paranormal activity, paranormal investigations, ghost hunting, scary things caught on camera, haunted houses, scary tiktok ghost videos, apparitions, poltergeists, demons, shadow figures, supernatural events, and unexplained footage. Anything mysterious caught on camera!

10 SCARY GHOST Videos Leaving Viewers Horrified

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  1. 1) really? If this is a ghost or an intruder, I'm the Pope! Why would a ghost or an intruder look directly at the camera? It's called a set up, this was set up by the person that sent the video.
    2)wow, this is more funny than it is horrifying, if you ever notice, no one ever has a friend recording them going into a room while they record, why is this? So that their friend that is being recorded can slip away when the camera is not facing them.
    3)good video, the only issue is the quality, the guy walking to the left is barely able the be focused by the camera, the person walking to the right is walking much faster thus the camera cannot fucus on them making them look translucent, but the narrator has to try and make your first thought be that its a ghost, or he wouldn't get more viewers.
    4)this is not a set up, this is just a farce for more viewers by the kid, or its his hoody on a robe hanging on a hook on the closet door, giving the illusion of someone standing there, it's called pareidolia, the way the brain see's things in order to make sence, a cloud that looks like a bunny, a smiley face in hot chocolate.
    5)little brothers that are out of camera view also wants to say goodbye, lol.
    6)orb is dust, the figure is their child running into the patents room asking for help?
    8)the camera is set up in a dome mirror, the "dark thing" is a reflection of someone walking under the camera, giving the illusion of someone walking on the court.
    9)CGI, notice that the "thing" grows in size as its walking?
    10)I didn't even need to watch this one before writing it's a haux, so I write this before seeing the video, again just like the 1st video, why would a ghost look into the camera? Do people think ghosts are afraid of camera's? It's like when people say they've been abducted by aliens, why would an alien civilization come light years across the galaxy to take 1, 2, 3 or even hundreds of people, their technology superseeds ours, they would just land and say "get in our ship, we're going to do things to you" and there would be nothing anyone could do, due to their technological advancements over ours, so when your watching these videos think what would be more viable, that there are ghosts walking around looking for cameras, or its a set up. Oh one more thing for those of you that believe in ghosts, why has no one ever captured a dinosaur ghost, after all, they were on Earth for millions of years' and humans have only been on Earth for 2-3 hundred thousand years.

  2. The orb that manifests into a childlike figure and runs across the landing is very compelling. Somehow, it saying “help” makes it so much more creepy! Yikes 😱

  3. Fell asleep watching nukes top 5, woke up In the middle of the night and this dude was on, scared me also because damn his videos are actually more scary then nukes vids, had to turn it off before I got nightmares

  4. Ghost child in number 10 because why would there be a child home alone especially a child that no more looks like 6 and he said no one is renting it so where are the parents

  5. I remember having a really scary paranormal experience when i was a kid. Me andnmy younger brother were playing video games one day, when he looked at me and said " Don't look at rhe closet." I thought he was measing with me and looked only to see the sliding closet door quickly slam shut. When i brought it up later, he said he saw a woman covered in blood standing there.

  6. I'm not afraid of werewolves or vampires or hunted houses. I'm afraid of what real humans beings do to other real human beings.
    -Walter John Williams

  7. Didn't even watch the best part of the last video. He tops the stairs and you can see footprints being made in the snow. By nothing. Granted it's still not real, but it's still the best part

  8. ALL the ones from Muslim countries that say it’s a Jinn and repeating in Arabic prayers are FAKE. It’s very obvious and annoying that they are put on these channels. 😮

  9. Why TF do ghosts peek around doorways and walls, and corners? Are they hiding from us? WHY?
    Do they not know whether or not we're there just by the fact they're ghosts?
    Are they trying to frighten us?
    Are they trying to let us be aware of their presence? Wouldn't it be more effective if they leapt out from the darkened room and said, "BLUAHHHH!" or, "Get OUT!" and then started to eat your head? Shi- or get off the pot, stupid stupid ghosts!

  10. سلام ، در کلیب که جستجو گر گرفته بود ، باید بگویم که او یک متقلب است که بیشتر ویدیوهایش فیک میباشد و به همین دلیل باعث بدنامی بقیه جستجو گران عرب شده است
    از کانال بسیار خوب و مهیج تان سپاسگزارم

  11. I'm pretty sure in the #9 it's a person peeking through the crack in the door and the cameraman allows them to to slip in between him and the door and thats why the camera stays looking to the left for so long before it looks to the right and behind the door…. I've seen this technique on SOOO MANY Arabic speaking videos its not funny… look for it and you'll see that they do it ALL THE TIME

  12. Awesome video.. I stupidly (prob cause I'm really high 😂) put this on while I'm sitting out back of my house… In the pitch black of night 😮😂😂 I had to go I inside cause I started getting creeped out🤙🤙

  13. The security camera ghost is just a glitch. Person walks one way shows clearer and another in different colour clothing, walking faster shows not as clear. However their shadow does 😊

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