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WHC Is The Best Class In The Game | Witch Hunter Captain Build Guide Vermintide 2

Witch Hunter Captain guide for Vermintide 2. More content on the way 😀

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  1. Don't forget that Chaos Warriors and Standardbearers aren't considered man-sized and they're pretty tanky, so the extra headshot damage isn't totally useless for non-boss fights either. If you happen upon a patrol with your rapier, you could make short work of the CWs mixed in there

  2. Going back to deathknell
    You are pretty right in saying that it does lose its value

    When getting crit, kills in Melee

    But it has its place such as if you’re a brace of pistols user
    And your specific goal is to headshot enemies across the map with those things
    They’re not perfect
    But boy oh boy, is it fun to just pop heads in the middle of a fight dodging in between the enemies attacks it’s not a smart way to play
    Cause you can get stabbed at any point

    But I have managed to kill 12 storm vermin in like five chaos Warriors, and close range combat with my pistols

    And it’s fine I enjoy it immensely to be dancing in between attacks from both rat man and North Landers

    You make golden points on what which hunter does best

    Sometimes witch Hunter, captain can say fine I’ll do it myself

    He’s balanced, but not broken

    Truly a blessed character

    Unlike the priest, no ranged hammers, sleeping tools they’re not bad he does get a bit boring with that class though since you can’t dance in between things in the funny

  3. Any chance you could let me know what properties and traits you’d recommend to put on my necklace, charm, and trinket when running the rapier and brace of pistols

  4. Rapier also has increased headshot damage. I like to run guaranteed crits with rapier, with good headshot accuracy you can chew through chaos patrols faster than any other weapon, so long as you're landing your headshots. Also you can bind most actions to multiple buttons, so I have tag on left mouse click so I can just shoot enemies and they automatically tag.

  5. i really think you are sleeping on how good the repeater pistol can be. witch hunter with the rapier can struggle to deal with crowds if things are getting dicey, and pulling out the pistol to very quickly cut a hole through the crowd can give you some breathing room. also its still accurate enough to just fire upon specials from middle range distance (and even farther if you stand still which gives you better accuracy) as you can just spam shots as fast as you want (in fact its the only gun in the game that allows you to shoot that fast) so not being able to 1 shot a special doesn't matter as much especially with witch hunt already making them take extra damage. just rapid fire shoot them a few more times.

  6. The issue with Deathknell is it's far from being a 50% damage boost that most people think it is. WHC already does 20% more damage on headshot as a passive, and the 50% bonus only applies to **only the base headshot damage**. It's improved by power and other damage boosts, but all said and done it only amounts to 15% more damage on headshot. Less if you're just instantly slaying things.

  7. idk. I have done solo runs with grailknight, waystalker, sister of the thorn and ironbreaker but victor just doesnt have any heavy hitting armor piercing weapon, not even as a warrior priest. The best thing he has are the shotgun pistols and those dont even work on WHC.

    WHC has less horde clear, stagger, thp, boss damage and elite clear than GK.
    WHC has less horde clear, boss damage and special sniping than bounty hunter.

    As you said he is a generalist but i cheer way more when i have a warrior priest or ironbreaker on the team than a WHC, i am also of the belief that ignoring solo-play full tank teams just do everything with the least amount of risk. I have seen footknight with executioner get more THP from stagger talent that the damage he was recieving without blocking at all, just spamming lights on all enemies except CW and bosses, a full team of THP generators like that with a sister of the thorn simply can't lose.

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