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TOP 20 SCARIEST Ghost Videos of the YEAR !

The Top 20 SCARY GHOST videos from the entire year. We took YOUR suggestions and comments and compiled the SCARIEST Top 20 list of ALL of our scary ghost videos from the last year! Haunted places, ghost hunters, poltergeists, haunted dolls, weird evps , scary apparitions, and scary videos of EXTREME paranormal activity … Not the usual Top 5 or even a Top 10, but a TOP 20. THIS video has it all!


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  1. I would never take something so tiny like Bear into a place like that. Are you kidding? Seriously? Are they dense? Not only are abandoned places full of dangerous things, but a person? If that person was terrible they would've hurt that small dog. Wtf are they even thinking?

    The Scott one will always get me. I would cry until my eyes fell out of my head if my dog died so tragically and then came back to see me off. Honestly I'd hope that's what was happening, and that he didn't stay and haunt the property. If there's a rainbow bridge, I hope my dog gets there stat.

    David and Dell should've just ended their skit at the seat buckling tbh.
    A lot of these are well done but most of these get really silly and obvious.

  2. @14:25: I'd say It's most important to prove that ghosts don't just exist. They also fart. Such a phenomenon would provide plausible deniability for the living farting community. For me, instead of always blaming the kids or the dog, I can say "Oh, that's just old Uncle Chester busting a grumpy".

  3. That's crazy!! The underwater screaming. I know Nuke posted it before but just hearing it again makes me like hf!! 😳 even towards the end when she's just coming out, it literally sounds like the spirit screaming is saying "help! Help me!!" It's like as she swimming out the spirit sees her swimming out & starts saying "Help! Help me!" Literally begging for the swimmer to help. That's actually so sad, makes me wonder if there was some murd3r that happened, maybe unsolved. & this spirit is just in some sort of loop. Idk just my thoughts going crazy omg. Whoever the poor woman was I hope she's found some sort of peace & was able to move on somehow😔🙏🏽

  4. Wait, Chu shakes uncontrollably when he gets scared, but he goes into a haunted abandoned hospital all by himself? When I meet him, I'll say, "what's wrong with chu… dude"

  5. She does have a upper torso and head if you put it into a editing program take it frame-by-frame you can see it's just a lady the speed of the truck made it blurry

  6. I speak Spanish fluently, on the video "Get me out of here" that girl that was screaming said:" Get me out of here, I am alone" she didn't say "I feel alone" she said she was alone…

  7. qould swiming girl make all those sound herself? in first swim her throuth was moving, and the second swim wasnt and screaming sounds didnt apear. so Idont know what you think? bite for views or ?

  8. Re 24:00 "Haunted Hello," I was in the hospital recovery room in Nov. 2022, when I heard a muffled, "Hello." It sounded like a man with his hand over his mouth. I looked to see who it was, but could see nothing, and didn't hear footsteps coming up to the bed. A while later, Sterling Psychic Medium mentioned that when spirit says hello to you, they just want to make a connection. The lady in the video clip did exactly as she should have: said hello back.

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