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Top 15 Scariest TIKTOK GHOST Videos Of The YEAR

We’ve seen a lot of creepy things throughout 2023 and now today we’ll be taking a look at 15 of the SCARIEST tiktok ghost videos of the year! These bone chilling videos may just be proof of ghosts, shadow figures, and poltergeist activity. I urge you to watch with an open mind and possibly even with the lights off. As always if you think you have any explanation for anything you just witnessed please put it in a comment below.

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Number 1 – 0:13
Number 2 – 1:11
Number 3 – 2:28
Number 4 – 3:50
Number 5 – 4:49
Number 6 – 6:20
Number 7 – 7:27
Number 8 – 8:56
Number 9 – 10:08
Number 10 – 13:19
Number 11 – 17:08
Number 12 – 18:33
Number 13 – 27:00
Number 14 – 28:16
Number 15 – 30:45

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  1. Number 11, the ghost is of an asain man, with black hair, wearing black clothing, idk if it's due to my gift of seeing through shadow figures to see their actual forms, but I can clearly see the complexion as clear as day, since I can see the side of the face

  2. Nobody questioned No. 12 that when the faucet turned on in the bathroom, how did he know which knob to turn immediately, showing confidence, that's the correct valve turned on? This proves to me it's staged. And, nobody questioned that there's an air bed to earlier. The air bed proves that there's someone sleeping in that space. No. 12 is staged.

  3. It boggles me how people like Bleak Sorrow go and "investigate" cemetery's don't cleanse themselves or their equipment/phone/camera then go straight home and wonder why they got a haunting at home. It seriously irks me especially when they have babies, young kids or family at home. Not good!!

  4. I understand how the guy with the basement ghost resident knew which handle on the kitchen faucet to turn off, but I don't understand how he knew which one to turn off in the bathroom those are identical…unless it's another fake video or it's the only one that turns on 😊 just wondering how..😊

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