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Guilty Gear – Beyond The Dark Life (Sol & Kliff Ending theme)


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  1. I love this theme. It perfectly encapsulates Sol's melancholy and regret over his past, yet his contrary desire to keep moving forward, despite everything. He has no other choice but to live, and maybe someday he'll find the answers he's looking for, find out the why behind That Man's actions.
    And by God, did he find it. I'm happy for him, being able to finally move on in a sense from everything that happened during the Gear Project. I just hope that happiness stays, and ArcSys doesn't decide to drag him out of a peaceful retirement by the next game…

  2. Everyone talking About sol's ending, but can we Also take a moment to talk about kliff? The dude was basically old guts in the guilty gear universe, i really wish we could play with him in the new games, rest in peace old man.

  3. Any re-release of the original Guilty Gear is gonna have to refer to Justice as a she and not a he lol The original English translation made that error (this was the 90s however, so this can be forgiven).

    When i open two tabs with Beyond the Dark Life and video with rain, it kind of just fits with the sadness and finality (really could imagine rain being in that final scene with Justice and Sol.).

  4. "Sol, the Guilty Gear, stared at his bloodstained hands and prayed… prayed for the soul of the grotesque sacrifice lying at his feet." 🔥✍

  5. The ending of Sol for the first game is such an enigmatic moment, that also declares the start of the deeper lore to the audience, and how, even after so much to get to finish Justice´s destruction, he can seemingly never come to terms with what he has done to try and get rid of the pests of this world.

    Is it because he feels regret and sorrow at letting Justice becomes what it is today?, pain and revenge for all that his friend has indirectly done to cause such chaos to the world at large?, or is it because along the journey, he has lost himself and doesn´t truly know what he wants or can do anymore?, no one really knew at the time.

    What we knew is that he´ll never stop walking until Gears, his friend´s weights and chains, fall upon his shoulders and stop what they started long ago.

  6. This song + Sol giving a speech to Justice = The beginning of a new type of fighting game!
    Hands down this was the very thing that sets Guilty Gear apart from other fighting games.

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