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Summer of 58 PART 2 – I Nearly Died In Real Life – Tim Morozov Simulator

#summerof58 #extremehorror #emikagames

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  1. "I almost sharted" 🤣🤣😂 Oh man, I can't quit laughing and I'm blinded by my tears! That thing scared the shart out of me, too! I am loving this! I am going to binge-watch all your gaming. Thank you for relieving the doldrums!

  2. Switched from watching the game to just watching ur reactions lmao…
    I get into scary games myself, but only when I play I guess, as these vids didn't scare ME, but im sure playing is a wayyyy different experience… lol thanks for the laughs (no offense 🤣)

  3. OMG I went to Steam and bought the game because well I'm rather hard to scare but when I tuned into this ( and btw I never saw your first part) with you playing , it startled the ell out of me so I had to play , and boy-yo boy I damn near woke the whole house lmao don't think I've screamed that loud at a scary movie etc. since I saw Friday 13th when it first came out ,in the drive-in too and I was 17. it's around 8 bucks (U.S) and worth it. Thanks Sir Grey !!~! well off to buy more pantaloons . 🙂

  4. I could be wrong, but did the hairs of your beard just turn a bit more grey? 😂🤣 It's hilarious watching you play horror games! Some jump scares are great, others too obvious (guy in front of the window. Can't wait for part 3! ☠ And again… where is your chainsword and bolt pistol when you need them…

    Ever tried playing the RPG "Vampire the Masquerade – Bloodlines"? The level in the abandoned hotel with the ghost still gives me scares.

  5. what I love about your channel is that you react, review, debunk videos, play scary games and actually do abandon and urban exploration in real life. you do it all. amazin! totally underrated channel.

    Have a amazin weekend

  6. You have over 600 views and only 104 likes. C'mon, guys, are your fingers broken? Hit the bloody LIKE button!!! It doesn't have Covid, hit it!!! Sheesh.

  7. Another fantastic gaming experience! 😅 Thanks for bringing us along, Dan, even if it did nearly do you in. It's so much more fun for me to watch your reactions than it would be to play it by myself. 💜🤣

  8. You've mispelt MoroZov wrong…. Again!!!!😂😂😂😂
    You do better than me, coz l think he's called Morovoz, quite a lot of the time!! Kx

  9. These make me laugh so much! The jump scare reactions are brilliant! I'm not laughing at you, Dan. I'm laughing with you. (Well, maybe at you just a tiny bit.)

  10. Nice Hello, ohw i like this Game is Really cool Made! Thx for playing it with us" , MfG from Vienna Mr.Grey ! , ( have you seen a Video from ( MASTER-KEN " its a real funny Combat-Scool-Sports Channel- the coolest Comedy i ever watchet ! Real real funny !!! Thx allot& have a nice one ! , Bye! 😉👍🏼🇦🇹✌🏼

  11. Omg, I actually jumped once myself! In the hospital you said about the door "oh, that back open " ghost dude suddenly appears in the door with dooming music!

  12. 😂 Excellent game! They're quite good with little sounds, like "did I really just hear that?" and then a bit of dead quiet before the jump scare 💀

  13. Yes well, I swore a lot too, and sat back in my chair hahaha. Rating out of 10 ? Imagine playing this in vr, especially at 16:29.Then I said "oh my god" and you said it too. Have headphones on. Your face at that point was so pale. Yet again, I wake to find a Mr Grey video. My mornings filled with laughter, too cool because I'm in lockdown. Thanks for that Dandalf . I will change my underwear now

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