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RUSSIAN DEMONS! || Tim Morozov Reaction

Doing a Tim Morozov Reaction video!
This was a suggestion from a subscriber and the video didn’t disappoint!
#TimMorozovReaction #TimMorozov


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Cheers Pals!

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  1. Russian mythology has a creature, or more like a gnome called Domovoi.

    They live in houses and help by protecting and looking after houses they live in and its always 1 per house.

    But theres are catches.
    1: They take some food as payment (not much). Sometimes they can give luck and freebies for that.
    2: You should under no circumstances see them, or they do full 180 on you and become aggressive and curse you(you become hellishly unlucky to a point you can die).
    3: If the house becomes abandoned for any reason, they also do complete 180.
    4: They can become invisible and are fast.

    Seems kind of its work.
    So no looking at them or searching, and you better demolish the house if you plan to abandon it.

  2. Warum zeigst du von Timofey videos und bekommt dafür daumen hoch, ja mit fremden federn schmückt es sich weniger anstrengend als selber welche zu Drehen ich verstehe es nicht das ist Tims verdienst er hatte Angst wurde rumgeschleudert musste weit laufen und viel schleppen dan kommen so deppen und zeigen videos die sie nicht mal selber gerdeht haben ,,ist halt viel bequemer und da nicht dein video kein daumen hoch nur dieser komentar

  3. No he's using salt as a safe. His gun shoots salt. .We do have dominine over Spirits. Even the Bible showed to ask in his name. Begone. Command. Catholic church does a couple hundred exorcism a year. The facts are there.

  4. No. He has to say it's entertainment fir liable laws. This way if someone freaks out. He's not legally responsible. Tim dues the new ones in English live atom.

  5. Yes you are right as bulgarian we say – Наздраве – but in Russian they say – Наздоровье- its realy close after all we are slavic brothers 😀

  6. Hi Dave, love your content, been watching your channel ever since my other half told me she knew you. Have a look at "im on observation duty" its a horror game that i think would be right up your street. Hope alls well mate 🙂

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