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Reacting to tim morozov (run timmy run, fear is coming!)

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  1. Love the show , dont know your name , but I've rec you to several of my friends , Hassan bar bar I think has over done it with the fake jinn ,

  2. short range radio that's open channel isn't going to get picked up by random people in the middle of nowhere, the places tim goes to are away and abandoned by population

    skeptical about it being picked up by random people however this is still hard to fake

    if he is faking this he must be a russian elon musk cause his quality of videos is ridiculously high

    comparing this to any american ghost hunters shows there is a huge difference in believability
    the televised shows are just that shows and most likely faked and staged

    fake emotions are easy to spot when you pay attention
    and american ghost hunters are cringe in comparison to tim morozov

    real or not? i wish i knew but this is proof of something regardless of what you think of it

    the only way to find out is to go to the same location and do the same thing
    if i had the money i would
    its easy to just say that something is fake without proof

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