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Meet the clan | Ke0x DarkGhost | Zombie Slayer | Black Ops 3 Gameplay !!!

This is KeOx best zombie player. Alex is a funny, childish, awesome player. Any boring lobby he can make it fun. This is one of the clowns in the clan you would want to make him your friend because he will put a smile on your face. KeOx Alex is one of our zombie players. Don’t worry clan tryout are still going on just send us one of your best videos or you can send these channel a request to join or just look for there psn name in there videos, if xbox email jj33071gaming or comment under his latest video. PC is allow too. Check out his channel and maybe subscribe to not miss out.

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  1. awesome video bro! Id really appreciate it if you went and left your opinion on my most recent BO3 video! It would really help me make better and more entertaining content for my subscribers. Keep up the great work bro!

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