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The Rise & Fall of The Most Brutal Witch Hunter | Witches: A Century of Murder | Channel 5 #History

King Charles I abolished witch-hunting when he came to power, but in 1645 he was losing control and the country was immersed in a civil war. This saw the rise of Matthew Hopkins becoming Witchfinder General for England. Watch on to see the history of England’s first and only official Witch Hunter!

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  1. MH was in his early twenties, later dying from TB. A judgement on his evil crimes. How could such a youthful man be so evil? That youthful picture is brilliant!!!

  2. thoroughly enjoyable and brilliant biography of Matthew Hopkins great job Vincent Price is portrayal of Matthew Hopkins in which fighter general f i n d e r general AKA conqueror worm took a step up when he reportedly fell off his horse and had a concussion he was so angry that he became the part people stayed away from him and just let him do his thing oh they gave him scripts all right but he became evil for that movie the ending is monumentally cruel but brilliant again this is a great short biography

  3. We need both episodes of this splendid and horrific series in HD. Not grotty little chunks like this or else the whole lot tucked away in ultra-low def. Watch the whole thing and prepare to be appalled.

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