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The dark life of a Kenyan socialite, I regret a lot of things – Black Cinderella | Tuko Talks

For the first time, a Kenyan socialite is opening up on her dark life, why many socialites live a fake life and her struggles as a dark skin woman on todays episode of Tuko Talks, brought to you by Lynn Ngugi

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  1. I am from Trinidad and I am shocked that Africans have a problem with the colour of their skin in their own country. Didn't God create the people of Africa to be black? All this nonsense about bleaching their skin. Be proud of who you are and rise above the people with other complexions. They go to tanning studios and lie in the sun to get some colour. Why are black people so stupid? The more they lack confidence, the more their enemies will keep them down. I can't judge this lady because everyone will experience bad times in their life. It is just that our struggles will be different. That is why no one should criticise and judge the other.

  2. I love that she addressed the deep rooted colourism pandemic that has been nurtured and encouraged in the Kenyan society. Kenya loves to pretend that it doesn't exist. Whenever you bring it up, it's termed as normal or just dismissed as "a joke" or "not that serious". The gaslighting is real with colorism. Kenyans are good at addressing alot of issues, but they're complete cowards at facing the issue that is the colorism they so proudly perpetuate.

  3. This woman is pathetic……very poor upbringing, devoid of any good morals! This has nothing to do with external beauty, she is very beautiful externally but totally ugly inside! So depressing listening to this woman!

  4. I'm white however I believe that brown is bueatiful I wish I was dark it's much prettier I think I personally don't ever be ashamed of who you are you are gorgeous wow I am so sorry about you and people are truly sick your so beautiful

  5. I was bullied also! It affected me and it takes me years to recover , it tortured me alot especcually see other people enjoy seeing u in pain😫🥂

  6. I do agree too that she is gorgeous only that she should believe in herself and be confident and believe in God that he heals all wounds also she is a very good speaker all the very best to her

  7. Colorism is a very big problem even in Zambia sadly. I like what she said to lyn that she wouldn't understand how it feels to be dark skinned. Everytime I try to complain about something someone told me because I'm dark skinned, my light skinned friends try to play victims as well and say they are dark too and feel what I'm feeling. No, they don't.

  8. This was a pleasure to watch your interview with BLACK CINDERELLA… she's a wonderful truthful beautiful human being, who has achieved many life skills in her 27 yrs of life. Her openness is so evident in the deliverance of her GLOBAL world… about herself & her experience on social MEDIA. She wanted a better life & the benefits of PURSE STRINGS to enable her a believe of WORTH. The PRICE paid was far from her truths, there were some highs but more lows in her journey of uncertainty being in the limelight. Today her acceptance of her PAST is now a emotional release to her uncaring COLD encounters on the media WORLD & folks. She's OWNING her faults & immaturity of not knowing the sinking sand reality, of putting herself out into the BRIGHT lights of FAKE television shows. Lessons she has now earned a PhD… on LIFE''s bumpy play grounds. Step back out there all in your good TIME with a armour of selfworth & much more knowledge, of contract with HIDDEN traps. NO signing YES words without 🤨🤔cautions. You're aBeautiful BLACK DIAMOND💯 syster of today's world of 2022.👌🏽💖💞💗💓

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