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I received this product complimentary from Neocutis. #OctolyFamily Find the product here:

💜Moisturizers for oily skin
Differin soothing moisurizer
Cerave PM
Equate Beauty lotion
Neutrogena oil free sensitive
Vanicream lite lotion
Simply pure hydrating night serum
Freederm Overnight Clearing serum
Cetaphil daily hydrating lotion
La Roche Posay toleriane ultra
Procure rosacare
DML lotion
Cleure oil free facial lotion

💜Moisturizers for dry skin
Beauty 360 Intense Repairing Lotion
Cetaphil Redness Relieving Night
Cerave skin renewing night
La Roche Posay Toleriane
La Roche Posay Cicaplast
DML Forte
Hada Labo Night Cream
Eucerin Atopicream
QV Cream
Yves Rocher Sensitve (Amazon US)
Yves Rocher Sensitive (Amazon UK)
Soon Jung 2X barrier cream
Dear Klairs

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  1. Hi thanks for information really appreciate it I use clinique products is it neutrogena better because clinique products take long for results pl

  2. I don't really like the hydroboost! I think that their is a reason that it's the price it is. I don't sell any of these products but I am a consumer who believes in quality! Drugstore can be nice for some things but I don't think everything cheap means it's good too. I understand what you're saying about saving money but sorry but celebrities are not using Neutrogena and stuff for their beautiful skin! They do have sales and a little goes a long way! Also, I think high end Skincare is sometimes undervalued. I think they deserve some credit! I'm sure you use better products than only drugstore! I have a hard time believing your skin is that great on only cheap crap!! I won't use that anymore!!

  3. Crazy I literally just dropped $550 on 5 osmosis md skincare serums
    Ugh that Brianna stanko is a good con artist
    She’s soooo had multiple procedures pretending it’s the medical grade skincare
    Ty Dr Dray for your honesty and transparency
    Also for saving us thousands of wasted dollars!

  4. I was reading an article about dermatologists skincare routine day and night and some used very expensive serums and concentrates – not saying these products are bad or that you shouldn’t use them if you can afford them and like them but you have to remember they have access to products that us regular people don’t – they may even get it for free or get a commission for promoting and selling it. Better to be an informed consumer before shelling out a fortune for something that has a vague or no proven efficacy.

  5. This contains peotratum. Bought this yesterday and tried today. My eyes have been watering all day plus I can feel this sticky tackiness on my face.

    Going back but I can only get an exchange.

  6. I think this Dr is payed to hate on certain products and has no experience with mature skin because she certainly is not over 55 and has now way to know until she herself gets that old.

  7. You hate every product youve ever reviewed. I had very bad damage from Retinol, eye fillers and IPL and the difference in using this brands eye serum is DRAMATICALLY fantastic. I look years younger and and puffiness and crepey skin is way better. More elastic, this is the best product Ive ever used and Im an esthetician.

  8. I tried Bioeffect: it does moisturize, that's all. Good point: formulas are very limited, so i can use it on eye lids. Doesn't stick also. But too expansive for the result (nothing on firmness).

  9. I've watched a LOT of skin care/aging videos, including a lot of Dr. Dray's. She consistently makes sense and is so thorough and gives practical advice and choices. That's amazing, considering how young she is! What a blessing, when I found her videos among the others.

  10. Hello Dr. Dray
    can you please review the Osmosis Catalyst AC 11? There’s an influencer stating that it permanently tightens hooded eyelids among others things. She makes a lot of bold claims that I’d like to know if it’s true or not. 🙏 😊

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