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in this video, we will be taking a look at a haunted house filled with creepy dolls, where an entity runs straight at a man, a guy who tried to summon a deceased spirit through the Ouija board and ended up crying from the terrifying haunting he was left with, a man hearing banging coming from his basement who lives next to a cemetery with a haunted basement, a dirt biker who had a creepy encounter with a skin walker and found bones on the floor, a dark shadow figure lurking in a mans bedroom inside his closet scratching up the door, scary TikTok ghost videos, a paranormal infested house, scary Ouija board summoning’s and many more. This is the top 5 SCARY GHOST Videos To TEACH You To NEVER MEDDLE With The PARANORMAL!

The Depths of Despair brings you the best of the best scary, horror videos including, ghosts, demons, entities, monsters, shadow figures, paranormal events, supernatural events, mythical sightings, aliens, Mysterious, weird and horrific scenes, unexplained footage, UFOS, deep dark web content and the rest of the creepy content out there to be seen. We have it all!

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  1. #3 wasn't real. The give away was near the end of that section of the video where the chair moved. If you look while its moving, the guitar directly behind it starts moving and then the chair flips up. The chair's leg was probably tied with like fishing line and it was routed by the guitar and up to the stairs above it.

  2. He actually looks scared. And Mexico is truly haunted. I hope he isn't faking it cuz it will reach up and slap him. I don't believe in a lot of these videos , but this one the guy does look petrified

  3. Haha, about 3:58 seconds in I count another two bringing the total to 3 annabelle dolls. Careful how you dispose of these, is my advice. Careful about watching "the conjuring movie" anywhere near these dolls around anyone that isn't aware of what's going on with you. I recommend just researching the film. Maybe that will be enough. I hope this helps you. God bless you

  4. The first clip about 2:40 seconds in, guy opens wardrobe. That looks like one of the annabelle dolls. If that guy ever sees this, maybe you might like to watch the movie "the conjuring" one of those dolls features in the movie and is heavily cursed. I think the cursed doll still resides at the Warren's residence.
    It's supposed to be based on a true story so I don't recommend anyone has any of these kinds of dolls about themselves.

  5. 11:58 dude what? Does he think that will makes things better? Who is giving these people this bad advice? It's like there are people in the comments of those sorts of videos where they'll say stuff that sounds like it might help but it's actually making it worse. Like, deliberately misguiding the victim of the haunting so that the situation gets even more intense and they feel less and less safe in their own home.

  6. 👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻8:11 It’s a shadow person a bloody shadow person 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻🙀👻.
    Some will understand what this says others will not those who do well done good job 🏴‍☠️

  7. Some guy's are totally idiots like this 12:06 bald head no brain guy, he have to just leave them alone, you can't help them so don't communicate, there's nothing you can do, and someone told him never open the door but still he did and this 15:06 looking like gay guy, WTF does he need to communicate with Lucia just for view he literally summon demon, and now he scream like girls and he's the one who really terrified. we all know playing with ouija board usually doesn't end well. What's in his lady mind playing with that. He deserves that and that house is haunted all because of him and when he left someone will move in and experiencing what he left. That's so bad.
    let this be a lesson to all watching these.

  8. And having haunted dolls occult decoration and mirrors all are doorways for these entities also get rid of it all and the personal attachment of wanting to have posession of these items

  9. These entities want to create fear so that they drain energy from the person who is the victim I want you to contact these people and tell them to leave the house and go to see a priest and have themselves cleansed and the bond of the attachment broken in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Joshua Bar Joseph God and the holy spirit the holy Trinity and then have the house exorcised and cleansed document the activities but don't communicate with the entities because by doing this they are allowing the doorway to stay open.
    These entities do not belong in creations of our world and they have no legal rights to be in our world, and by the power of the word and the Lord Jesus Christ Joshua Bar Joseph command them to leave and never come back invoke the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Joshua Bar Joseph and the holy Trinity and these entities flee immediately

  10. Lot of cheap ass, lazy people out there, trying to make a quick buck youtubing a video they made up. Hard to see the truth w/ so many retarded lies, like the 1st 1, seems true, but I'm not trusting a meth head.

  11. @12:20 that tapping and scratching is morse code, I recognized it immediately. It spells "children", not lying. Translate it yourself. Whatever it is made it very clear what they want.

  12. Sorry,but you get a thumbs down for this video. Not only did you start off by using a video about dolls, and then follow that immediately by tik tok, but you included TWO tik tok videos in this.

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