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TIM MOROZOV did CACA while spending the NIGHT in one of the SCARY houses Part 1 | SCARY REACTION!!

TIM MOROZOV did CACA while spending the NIGHT in one of the SCARY houses Part 1 | SCARY REACTION!!


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  1. Been catching a few of your videos. By yourself is the trick. Bring in a solid acoustic guitar player by himself. Let him kick it out for bit, let guitar sit. Music brings them in. Lived it in new Orleans with 4 young kids. Absolutely things happened 100% when we were alone. Or the boys came over to jam.

  2. First of all, it should be said that he himself writes at the beginning of each of his videos that not all of them are real events. And if I may say so, I've known all of his videos for years and in some of them it's obvious that it's fake. Well, that's up to you what you think of it. By the way, Tim's shotgun is loaded with salt cartridges, which should help against ghosts and demons. But just check out all his videos and judge for yourself. Kind regards, Magnus

  3. Cheer up boys, Tim Morozov is a classic something I think it's staged but alot of stuff I can't explain, help us out what you reckon True or false,I like Tim alot, anyway keep the excellent job up too AMIGOS 😀

  4. All of Morzovs stuff isn't real. He clearly states that at the start of his shows. "Entertainment purposes and should not be construed as REAL"… Read the fine print, I don't think anyone does
    His most recent video was deleted and demonitized, likely because he had a fake "Ghost" that was clearly a sheet with a light under it flying everywhere edited in, almost the entire "investigation". It was cheesy AF! I love Tim's stuff l, especially packing the sawed off, it's hilarious but it's just entertainment like he says. You can pretty clearly tell what's real and what isn't, especially if you've been in the game like me over three decades. Tim has caught some real stuff though. It's not all b.s. theatrics.

  5. 15:00 I have to say that is the FIRST wallpaper over logs in a log cabin I've ever seen in my life. If that didn't piss off the ghosts and demons for piss poor "renovation" decisions I don't know what will. That'd even make a dead woman mad.

  6. I actually have a lot of respect for Tim Morozov, the guy is fully decked out and equipped and seems to have a basic sense of survival should the worst happened, plus the fact he's like the only person that shows up to these locations (alone of course I understand why someone wouldn't want to with a crew) packing heat, even just ignoring the laughable notion you could shoot a ghost, there's still plenty of practical applicants as to why you'd want to bring some self-defense when you're exploring abandoned locations like these, you never know what kind of psychopath/wild animal could be squatting in these dark places for shelter. Even if it isn't real and it's all just well acted screenplay the guy puts out quality, might I recommend another particular video from him in the future? The title of the video seems roughly translated but it's called: "Living evil dwells in this place, it does not want good"

  7. Its all fake my friend, havent you noticed that every time Tim visited a house or specific site he always successfully made contact with the evil and poltergeist that always trying to harm him everytime…is that merely coincidence or a very well scripted? or maybe a very lucky guy indeed because he always made contact with the evil and poltergeists to produced a very well documented videos that help him with his youtube views..very consistent hahaha.

  8. Ok that clip was straight stolen from mindseed and not the same house at all !! That’s BS !! This house he investigated is not in the USA , I call BS

  9. Awwweeeee 😍😍 Charlie's so cute! Agreed, Bros! We love you guys, but want to see you happy and healthy above all else! Appreciate the hard work, but … "you need to calm down!"

  10. You guys should check out more King Frostmare videos. Think they will add nicely to the caca videos! Keep up the awesome work!
    Love from MInnesota!

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