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Archive Of The Afterlife | Paranormal Point Of Interest

Walkthrough of the Archive of the Afterlife with the museum’s proprietor, Steve Hummel! The Archive of the Afterlife is a portal into a realm where history unites with mystery, seeking to illuminate the correlation of historical events and artifacts and how they can be supported through paranormal research. The museum also harbors oddities, haunted artifacts, and corresponding paranormal media and literature.

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1600 Third Street – 2nd Fl. 202
Moundsville, West Virginia

Paranormal publishing and video production is what we do. Welcome to our haunted world!

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  1. Extremely interesting exhibit! The last part about the 19 year old, who died in 1839; I felt very bothered, perhaps of the fact that she died so young.Made me feel alot of anxiety. At one time a relative of mine bought a, unlived in house, and one of the rooms, in the basement was painted black. On the table was a photo of a young girlbwith a crucifix laying across the photo. He threw both photo and crucifix out and suffered a series of tragic events.

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