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A SCARY HAUNTING (My Best Friend Is A GHOST) Emily's Room Paranormal Nightmare TV

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  1. Hello Team Nightmare. Hope To See Everyone In Live Chat Tonight 8pm. People Always Ask Us "What Case Has Been The Hardest?" Well Here It Is. Prayers And Love Team Nightmare Please Like And SUBSCRIBE

  2. I am not trying to attack the parents by any means and I do feel for them and their situation but how on earth do they see and hear all this crazy stuff going in their baby’s room and not think anything of it and continue to let her sleep in there by herself for like 4 years?! That grieves me so much having a 6 yr old and 2.5 yr old myself. I sleep with them. My older child now sleeps in a bunk bed above me and his little brother so this is extra sensitive to me. Poor baby 😢.

  3. I have done spiritual work with children who are exactly like your daughter. They are considered 'seers' in the angelic realm. We have children spirits here and we will put washable markers out uncapped with paper before leaving for the day and some do draw. I have chills as I am watching this because I can so relate to dealing with these things. These children live in a world where seeing nudity, blood, gore are every day. The children I worked with were all homeschooled because the spirits that are in the school during class get angry with them when they are ignored by the child and will get mean. It truly is heartbreaking how desensitized to such horrible things. My work was to learn and teach the kids how tp coexist with spirit energy in their lives. Their lives have a lot of rules to follow. One big one is that even though the children spirits seem super nice and they are really fun, they all have to enter the light the sooner the better because it is very common for these spirit kids to convince the live children to come with them being dead is the only way that is possible and the kids don't realize this at a young age. I stopped one girl from climbing up to the attic of a three story house with an umbrella and jump off like Mary Poppins so she can fly away with a boy named Bobby. A call to the fire department and the use of a cherry picker all was good. Yes, the spirits we call the unwanteds feed off different energies. Some prefer illness over anger for example. They will keep a sick person sick to continue to feed off of that energy. Once exposed, most unwanteds will leave is they assume there will be help to stop what is happening. That is the reason so many of them disliked me because I was the children's help. and I was going nowhere. This is also a time when they will cause more trouble. Your daughter is a strong little girl. She has seen a lot and you mom, are doing the best thing you can do is listen and believe. To not validate their claims that are so positively proven I can say from experience leads to a unbalanced trust issues later in life. Back in my day it was said invisible friends are perfectly normal for children to experience but at that time the ignorance of the subject stated by a certain age this should fade away and all will be as normal. But children who were seers like your daughter, were shunned even by their own families and off the a shrink for kids and be drugged beyond oblivion after being so quickly diagnosed as being schizophrenic. Some were told that they are spinning yarns because the church says that spirits dont exist like that but lets rush off to church to pray to the Holy..wait for it….spirit! How confusing is that? My soul smiles at all the love and understanding that this little one has around her. If they could all be so lucky. Ask your angels to help you. Has there ever been a mention of an angel? Whenever one of my little friends drew me a picture, in every picture there was sure to be her angel named Mary and when there was a bad spirit around she included a little black shadow man somewhere in the picture as well. You have the absolute BEST paranormal team helping you, these guys are so awesome! I say the BEST!!! Good luck to you. Your angels are close.

  4. It's like she may have passed over to the other side during her really bad sickness and possibly brought herself closer to the other side. Like that one movie I think it was called flatliners or something.

  5. I don't know how anyone can resist this little angel. I would love to see a follow up ❤ Thanks Fourman Brother's. You guys are the best 💕

  6. This poor little girl, this was a hard one to watch, so glad things have improved though. I would love to know how Emily’s health has been since the investigation? Do you know if she has gotten any better?

  7. Many times all it takes is to just get the house cleaned up , blessed and consecrated to Christ Our Lord instead of leaving it empty or decorating it with dolls and other replicas which can inhabit evil spirits or beings attaching itself to us. They could get some blessed Saint Benedict medallions followed by a blessing by the Priest and then placed inside the 4 corners of their homes internally and externally especially the attic and basement to prevent any evil spirit or entities from entering the premises. Wearing a crucifix or the Miraculous Medal of Our Lady are also excellent to deter and keep away these demons or spirits from harming or attaching itself to us.

  8. natural born medium, God bless her, Being a medium is never easy especially when the gift is already very developed at a young age. The dead don't stop talking, i would love to help the family with some exercises to help little Emily get control of the gift.

  9. Has anyone considered the little girl is a new medium? A reputable medium should go see her. If she has gifts she needs training.
    The family may have some spiritual abilities. Children are more open to the spirit world which may be why the other children see the spirits.

  10. That was beautifully done and it brought tears to my eyes. I believe whatever happened to her drew these spirits in. You guys show so much empathy it's an amazing gift ❤❤❤❤

  11. Don’t know if I’m tripping but I swear I can hear another voice whispering through the dads interview there’s a very clear yeah near the end. 😳

  12. Hello to my favorite paranormal team, you guys are awesome 😎 it seems like this case is about a little girl that has had a near death experience and is alive. When, this happened to her she had her left foot on the other side and her right foot on the living side and being so young she left herself open and when that happens most of the dead see it. The dead become jealous they wish they could be living again and they can't. So, they attempted to attach themselves to the young kids and begin to manipulate them to thinking they are friends. She is not the only kid that has gone through this there have been hundreds of children with near death experiences that have gone through this, and is still being studied by doctors and para phycologist. It's crazy but true, this might cause a paranormal portal caused by the child in the home due to the near death experience they had. As always I will be praying for this family 🙏 and your family as well and may God bless you guys 😊

  13. Oh my god! I have seen those drawings long ago as a YouTube story and I though they were just an artist making a story , this is over a year ago and now I reslize this was a real story

  14. "did you guys hear that?"

    What was it keep asking questions

    "It sound like it came from the closet"

    Well open the closet door


    😂😂😂😂🤣 It's not funny but its a natural reaction

  15. Oh my! I jusy finished the interviews and im in tears! Emily is so strong! Shes very observant for a 5 year old! She said that man had a hat, badge and whistle! Emily is so special!!!

    I'm very proud of her parents for believing her!

    I cant imagine the possibility that all of her unknown health issues could be due to sleeping in her own room!

    All the pain and torture that baby and her family felt, just unimaginable!!!

    Now that Emily isnt sleeping in her own room, shes getting healthy? Eating real food and thats whats keeping her alive, instead of tube feeding? Thats so miraculous!!! Wow!!!

    Bless this family, especially Emmi!!!

    23:50 I love my phone! That was a creepy male voice!!!
    25:40 what the!!!

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