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The BEST Fudgy Brownie Recipe

This is the brownie recipe of your dreams if you want gooey, fudgy, decadent brownies with a shiny, crackly top! These easy homemade brownies from scratch will have you ditching the box mix for good. When you need a decadent chocolate fix, try this homemade brownie recipe! They’re fudgy and chewy in the middle, with bits of melty chocolate in every bite — and they have addictively crisp edges.




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  1. Just made these brownies for Thanksgiving and though I have no previous experience with baking, they came out perfect. Thank you for the easy to follow (and delicious, of course) recipe. Happy Thanksgiving 😊

  2. one of the MANY, MANY things I love about you and your channel is all the amazing tips you give, not just the recipe. I’ve learned an incredible amount from you and your astronomical amount of subscribers proves many people agree with me! thank you

  3. Man !
    Will you please, please stop the culinary torture ! You know damn well brownies simply don't turn out as luxuriously as yours !

    (Did you make the oven yourself ?)

  4. Hi John i love your videos so much and have tried so many of your recipes.
    However i try to follow so many of your tricks, but a lot of times in my cakes and cupcakes , i can taste baking soda strongly, tell me how to fix it

    Also tell me if i can bake all the batter in one single pan because i only have space for one pan in my oven and if that requires me to make alterations to my baking time or process?

    And for how long can i let my batter sit and if it'll make a difference???

    Anyone else with enough knowledge and experience in baking is welcome too respond to

  5. John how can I convert recipes to grams. It seems that all the charts online vary. For example a lot of charts list flour at 124 and 148 some are 120.? Love your channel. I retired 2 years ago and started to learn baking. You are my channel of choice. Thank you for the content.

  6. Hello, John. I'm from the Philippines and I saw your video yesterday and now I try your recipe. I didn't expect it to be an amazing brownies. This is the fudgiest brownies that I tasted before. 😊❤

  7. Too much sugar! 😢 could we reduce sugar content to 300 grams? Could you make a healthier version of this recipe? I mean I love brownies but too much sugar and butter 😢

  8. This looks gorgeous, thank you for the video mate. Can you do a video for fake cream aka bakers cream aka synthetic cream please? The stuff that is used in jam and cream finger doughnuts

  9. I've learned so many valuable cooking tips from your videos. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I was wondering if you could share a video of you cooking with KHAL

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