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Are Shadow People Real? Exploring the Sinister Side of the Paranormal

There are plenty of people out there who claim to be paranormal researchers or interested in paranormal activity, but many of them do not consider the negative or sinister side of the spirit realm. Are there dangers in exploring this type of activity or are we just innocent bystanders who hope to catch a glimpse of something beyond this physical realm?

Some people have reported seeing shadowy figures, usually in their peripheral vision, who seem to fade or disappear into walls or nothingness. Designated as “shadow people,” these figures are often reported as being sinister or negative entities, although some people believe them to simply be guardian angels of some type. It is difficult to say what these entities are or if they’re even real. It is possible that those who see these are seeing nothing more than an optical illusion. Perhaps these shadow people are actually real, though, and are simply figures passing between two dimensions. Maybe ours is nothing more than a hallway they traverse as they go from one door to the next. This video explores some of these options and also provides what appears to be some photographic and video evidence of the existence of shadow people. You decide! Want to see more about the secrets of the universe? Click Here!