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May 2013 Update: Confirmed Ghost Sightings in Suffolk, UK

Here is a real-life ghost story as reported on the local news in Suffolk, United Kingdom. According to the legend, the girl who was killed when she drowned in the river still haunts the woods in the area. Learn more about the paranormal and UFOs here: Click Here!

Ghost Sighting Discovered on Video One Year After Footage Was Taken!!!!!

This is an interesting video that I found. The guy who posted and narrates his own video sounds genuine enough, but he could just be a good actor also. Anyway, he goes back to look at his video only to discover a ghostly figure who shows up about three times in the footage. To me, it just looks like someone covered with a sheet, but I’ll let you decide that for yourself!

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December 2 Ghost Sighting Update: Is This the Best Ghost Sighting Ever?

With so many ghost sightings and other paranormal sightings like those we post from the UFO community, it is difficult to judge which ghost sightings are the best. Well, the person who posted this on Youtube claims that it is the best ghost sighting video ever, but I’m not quite so sure. I’ll let you decide for yourself. I’m not even sure what the hell is going on in this video. It appears that scientists are studying a woman who appears to be having an out of body experience while hooked up to electrodes. Then it gets really weird!

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