Using Hypnosis to Develop Psychic Skills and Remove Negative Energy

Removing negative energy may be key to how well you are able to develop your psychic skills. Psychic abilities depend heavily upon the manipulation of energy at the mental level. The term “mind over matter” is basically true when it comes to the use of psychic powers. These aren’t really “powers” per se, but rather the use of the mind as a tool to manipulate energy at the subatomic level. Scientists are yet to fully grasp and catch up with the paranormal community on this matter. Those of us who live outside of the bounds of traditional Newtonian science know, though, that the mind can be trained to accomplish seemingly paranormal or superhuman tasks.

Hypnosis is one way that you can develop your psychic abilities. There are any range of psychic abilities that you may be able to develop using hypnotic techniques, but just as with any skill, it takes patience, determination and continued practice. Don’t expect to undergo hypnosis one time and then suddenly come out it with the ability to read people’s thoughts or predict the future; it just doesn’t work that way. However, you can put your hypnosis to good use by attempting to develop skills such as remote viewing, astral projection or even psychic readings. Each of these are separate types of psychic skills that can be utilized following or during hypnosis sessions. Hypnosis puts your mind in the proper state to receive information from beyond the physical three-dimensional universe. Essentially, hypnosis creates the proper brainwaves needed for the mind to get outside of its traditional reality.

One key to developing your psychic ability is to use hypnosis for the removal of negative blocks or energy. Negative energy can and will get in the way as you develop your psychic powers. Doubts and fears will ultimately creep in and prevent you from being successful if you let them. Use a hypnosis video like the one above, with a pair of headphones, to help remove some of these negative blocks. Paul Santisi’s video helps you do this by using the guided meditation technique. You only need to be a passive observer/listener in order to make this work. Listen to this video daily or every other day for the best results. When you’re ready to hone your psychic powers even more, Click Here!

Guided Meditation to Help You Achieve Astral Projection: Is it Possible?

The thought of flying high and up and out of your body can be a discomforting one, but for those of us who do this quite often, astral projection is a normal thing. The problem for many of us, though, is that the experience is so exhilarating that we can often get frustrated when we’re not able to have that out of body experience when we want to do so. Instead, we find ourselves trying to force the issue when we don’t have to at all. An OBE or OOBE, a.k.a. astral projection, is a process that should be effortless. The fact that it tends to occur more spontaneously for many, though, is what leads some of us to try to force the process to occur.

Sure, there are many books on the subject and there are countless “gurus” out there who claim to have a sure-fire answer for those who want to astrally project on command. However, many of these so-called experts will also tell you that you have to spend countless hours practicing this technique or that technique in order to be successful. While many of these techniques involve various forms of meditation, they also require a great deal of patience and time. Those of us who want to get out of the body quickly usually want a faster solution. One way to reach this goal a little faster is to use a guided meditation. Why do these sometimes work better than more traditional techniques? The reasons are simple:

1. A guided meditation allows you to actually let go. You are able to let go of the process and let your mind go where it needs to in order to achieve astral projection. Astral projection can end abruptly if your mind is too active. Ask anyone who has tried to project before and they will tell you that they often get snapped back into their bodies when they come to the realization that they are actually having an out of body experience. Guided meditations, like the one by Paul Santisi above, tend to keep your mind from preventing the process.

2. Your brain also has to reach a certain meditative state that requires certain types of brainwaves. Without getting overly technical here, the important thing to notes is that meditation can often take a long period of time to help you reach such a state. A guided meditation like this one actually “entrains” your brain into the proper state very quickly. Santisi uses a well-known technology, binaural beats, to achieve this effect. Binaural beats essentially present your brain with a pattern that it starts to follow as you sit and listen to different sounds and rhythms in each ear. Both sides of your brain work separately to bring you into the proper brain state.

3. It’s easier! Sometimes we just respond to what is simple! Try the above video with headphones on and see what I mean here. Want to learn how to use your mind to manifest what you want? Click Here!

Remote Viewing Tutorial: How to Remote View Like a Military Psychic

Remote viewing is a skill, one that everyone has available to them and one that everyone can learn. This is the contention of former military remote viewer, Ed Dames. Dames is well known for his dire predictions regarding the future of earth and humankind. Despite these predictions, which you may find on other sites like, Dames also believes that you can use remote viewing as a skill to obtain wealth and prepare for the coming killshot, a series of solar flares that will drastically alter life on earth as we know it. Anyway, Dames provides a two-hour introduction to remote viewing here. This video can be used as a training tool to help you develop and hone your own psychic abilities as a remote viewer. Just remember, as Dames notes, remote viewing is not a “psychic experience,” but rather an information gathering tool that your mind uses. Your mind connects to the collective unconscious to obtain patterns of information which can later be deciphered during a remote viewing session. You can also enhance your abilities by enhancing the power of your mind: Click Here!

Buyer Beware: Paranormal Project Evidence of Haunted Historic Homes

One of the hotbeds for paranormal activity seems to homes or properties that have major historical significance. One of the best new shows on television for the presentation of paranormal evidence is the series entitled “The Paranormal Project.” In my previous post I provided a clip of the first episode which clearly shows what appears to be somewhat credible evidence of paranormal activity. This clip, which is also from the first episode, goes into depth regarding the paranormal activity that took place in an old Iowa home. According to the historical records, the home once served as a hospital for wounded soldiers during the civil war. As you will see, when watching the clip, the possibility that there are ghostly figures still occupying the home does exist. What do you think?
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The Paranormal Project: Better Evidence of Paranormal Activity Revealed?

With all of the paranormal shows on television, it is easy to get lost in the malaise of entertainment and forget which shows are actually providing real evidence of paranormal activity. In fact, most of the shows out there provide good entertainment value, but there are only a small hand full that provide any real documented evidence of any ghostly encounters. The realm of the the paranormal, by definition, is actually beyond the five senses and that is what makes it difficult to find and document actual paranormal happenings. One of the most recent and best shows about the paranormal that I have come across is the one seen in the video here: The Paranormal Project. Like older shows that purported to document evidence of the paranormal, like Paranormal State, this show attempt to take the viewer into the actual realm of paranormal through the use of television cameras. Unfortunately, even though the evidence appears to be good, the viewer is still left wondering if the footage is real or not. In most cases it appears to be authentic, but thanks to today’s technology, anything can be made to appear “real.”

Whether we’re talking about ghosts, haunted houses or demonic activity, the fact of the matter is that it is almost impossible to provide better evidence of paranormal activity than what The Paranormal Project Shows. Haunted locations are usually equipped with security cameras and participants are given hand-held cameras to provide additional opportunities to document their paranormal experiences. In the end, it appears to almost be a contradiction in terms to actually speak about a reality show that documents paranormal evidence, but we have to work with the tools we have available at our disposal. Unfortunately, for many, seeing isn’t necessarily believing. You can provide video after video to some only to watch them explain it away or simply dismiss the evidence as “fake” or a “hoax.”

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The X-Files Episode 1: Did Chris Carter Have Inside Information on the Presence of Extraterrestrials?

In all of the years that I’ve been dealing with the paranormal, one of the nagging questions that has always plagued me is: Does the X-Files tell us anything about the UFO/Extraterrestrial abduction phenomenon that we don’t already know? On the surface, the show seems to just capitalize on the popularity of such paranormal topics. However, it always seems as if the show’s creator, Chris Carter, was ahead of the game when it came to disseminating information. Over the next few weeks and months, I’ll be making my way back through each episode of the show, as I watch the entire series again for the third time. This time I’ll be watching carefully for the clues provided by Carter that may actually tell us more about the extraterrestrial presence on planet earth.

In episode one, the show’s pilot, we are introduced to Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, the show’s two principal characters through the first six or seven years of the show. Both are FBI special agents. Mulder is the primary “x-file” investigator. His nickname, “Spooky,” is indicative of the attitude that most of the bureau has toward the type of work he does. His counterpart and new partner, Agent Scully, is a medical doctor who has been assigned to work with Mulder on the x-files for the purpose of spying on him to report back to the bureau. Despite the bureau’s attitude toward him, Mulder is actually one of the most decorated and competent agents it has, as noted by Scully in this first episode.

Scully is introduced to Mulder’s investigative biases and assumptions when the two are sent to Bellefleur, Oregon, to investigate a series of mysterious deaths that Mulder believes are related to the arrival of extraterrestrials and the alien abduction phenomenon. It is here that the theme for the show is introduced, one that will be revisited over and over again through the show’s nine seasons. Sure, there is the occasional aberration, with shows covering other paranormal topics, but the main theme remains throughout: an alien presence on planet earth that regularly abducts human beings, including Fox Mulder’s sister. Indeed, it is Mulder’s missing sister that fuels his search for the truth. From episode one onward, though, we see how the powers-that-be continually try to thwart his efforts. Scully unwittingly plays a role in that process, but she too ventures over from the land of the skeptics from time to time. Interested in exploring the power of the human mind or just the paranormal in general? Click Here!

The Power of the Subconscious Mind in Attracting What You Want: How the Law of Attraction Can Work in Your Life


It is possible to get what you want out of life, using the subconscious power of your mind. While it may seem like this is just a matter of “positive thinking” or “wishful thinking,” the reality of the matter is that the subconscious or unconscious mind is a powerful receptor that is connected to the very fabric of reality. Our mind is able to detect and understand the inner workings of the universe on a level that we cannot consciously process. At the subconscious level, though, we have an innate ability to tap into the secrets of the universe. This is where the law of attraction can play an operative role in our lives, because it allows us to feed those things into our subconscious mind that want to obtain. By focusing consciously we can eventually penetrate the unconscious mind and allow it to go to work for us. It’s really no secret that the human mind is capable of such powers, but it’s not “magic” or “paranormal” activity that is taking place. It is simple a matter of how the mind actually works. To fully understand the power of your subconscious mind, Click Here!


Art Bell’s Dark Matter, October 2, 2013: Albert Taylor and the Use of Robots in Paranormal Investigation

In this episode of Art Bell’s Dark Matter, Art interviews my friend Albert Taylor, author of “Soul Traveler,” one of the early pioneering books in the field of astral projection or out of body experiences. Taylor has been on Art’s show numerous times to discuss this topic, but in this show the primary topic of discussion is the use of robots in paranormal investigation. Dr. Taylor has worked for NASA and even the Reagan SDI program, so he definitely knows his way around the electronics/robotics fields. It was interesting to hear him wax eloquent on the possibility of using robots in the paranormal field. However, I think his greatest contribution will always be that of helping to normalize astral projection, or at least make it seem less frightening to a lot of people who go through sleep paralysis on a nightly basis themselves.

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Art Bell’s Dark Matter October 1, 2013: Whitley Strieber and the UFO Phenomenon

If you’re into UFO and extraterrestrial matters, this episode of Art Bell’s Dark Matter from October 1, 2013, might be something you want to listen to. Art interviews long-time guest and co-author, Whitley Strieber, who has written several books of his own as well as a couple with Art himself! Strieber’s best known work is “Communion,” a work that retells his first-hand account with an extraterrestrial being. His newest books include a follow up to Communion and a fictional work entitled Alien Hunter.

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Art Bell’s Dark Matter, September 25 2013: Matthew Alper and the “God Part of the Brain”

If you’re into paranormal activity such as ghosts and other spiritual phenomena, then you might have to reconsider your position on whether or not that kind of stuff is “real.” At least that is true if you accept Matthew Alper’s position in his book,The “God” Part of the Brain: A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God Alper’s basic premise is that our brain has evolved, over time, in response to our fear of death. Spiritual phenomena and other paranormal activity may be attributed to the eventual development of the right temporal lobe of the brain, the part which produces these experiences. It is definitely worth a read. I have read it at least twice now and find it to be very thought provoking, although I don’t agree with it in its entirety.

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